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Compass of Dei Gratia

Compass of Dei Gratia

The thriller/mystery/action science-fiction visual novel the Compass of Dei Gratia - On the Fifth Day- is seeking to fund an English localization alongside a limited physical copy run. Originally developed by the indie developer Catalyst, Compass of Dei Gratia is an homage to other famous science-fiction visual novels such as Ever17 -Out of Infinity-. With over 20-25+ hours of gameplay, the sprawling mystery of what happened on the sunken vessel is explained over three different routes. The Kickstarter campaign will offer exciting stretch goals for a number of enhancements including a Nintendo Switch port, more gameplay, an artbook add-on, and new CGs/illustrations. Other exclusive items such as a fanbook, original soundtrack, and tapestry can be pledged for. Check out the link to view the full preview of tiers / rewards / and stretch goals that can be unocked when this campaign goes live on September 30!


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