Zombieverse - The Beginning Collectible Card Game
Zombieverse - The Beginning Collectible Card Game

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About this project

Dark Energies Canada is looking to make Zombieverse - The Beginning collectible card game as big as it's fans want it.

With the funds raised through this Kickstarter Campaign we plan on producing the first release of cards for the game and subsequently produce additional expansion card sets to enhance and add to the game over the years taking this game and making it synonymous with other high profile CCG games.

The first release will contain 320 individual cards and 4 premade character card decks and provide them to our backers. In additional we have several stretch goals lined up to add more to the game. Such as additional sets of 8 character cards, weapon and inventory cards, ability cards and locations that will be exclusive to the Kickstarter campaign only. We are also looking to provide a set of 8 new Zombiez that will be available to our backers.

As we attain funding for each of the stretch goals new goals will be unlocked. With the end goal to produce booster packs of cards for sale in hobby shops around North America and in our online store.

With cards like;

Weapons, Inventory, Locations, Abilities, AAAHHH! and Zombiez.

 This game will bring the Zombie Apocalypse to you.

Here is a breakdown of the types of cards in the game.  

With all those cards you can build many different variants of your survivor deck.

By utilizing the deck building mechanics you will create a deck of cards which will become your resource deck. You will search by drawing cards from your deck to find equipment, weapons, new locations and abilities. You will also have access to the AAAHHH! cards, which can be played on rival survivors at any time. While searching your resources you may encounter a non character survivor. NCS cards will add to your resources, give you bonuses and help you survive. By building your group of survivors and replenishing resources you execute the demise of your rival survivors, or at the very least remain alive!!

This game can be played by 2 people or and many as you can fit around a table.

And finally our Stretch Goals.

We will add value and excitement to the game as we reach each stretch goal and unlock a new addition to the game as it expands.

Like new cards, limited to the Kickstarter campaign. Custom color themed Zombie dice, Plastic Zombie Tokens, A game mat and 2 variants of our Zombieverse Character life counter. One that includes a Zombie Miniature figure.


Now the rules are pretty much solved on each card independently, but we will have card outlining the game rules as well as rules on our website once we start sending out fulfillment orders. Start by placing your Character and your Camp card in front of you. These are free cards that you start with but are considered part of your card count Then shuffle the remaining cards in your deck. Draw 5 cards and this will be your hand. The idea is the secure, clear and maintain locations where you can search and scavenge for new items. Locations are a big part of the game. You can get bonuses from these locations, like the Hospital, where you can heal one wound. Or the Police station where you can search your draw deck for a gun or Ammo card and put it in play immediately.  

The game is based on Actions (Action Points) each character starts with 3 action points. NCS cards in play can grant additional action points as well as a few AAAHHH! Cards. NCS cards will also come with a secondary Bonus which can be utilized instead. Searching\Scavenging, visiting a second location during your turn, playing Zombie cards on rival survivors and reloading are a few of the things you will need to spend action points on.  

So utilizing your Equipment\Gear, visiting locations to search and scavenge for items, encountering Zombiez put in play on your locations by your Rivals and have your NCS survivor group behind you backing you up, you will lead or die at the hands of a Zombie.  

Now killing Zombiez is the best part. Zombiez have a “to hit” number, a “defend against” number and a number of wounds required to kill it. Here is where we differ from traditional CCG games. We use dice for attacking and defending against Zombiez. A Lurker is a 3, 3, 1 Zombie. So you need to roll 3 or higher on your attack dice to kill a Lurker. If you miss (Sorry about your luck if you do, I mean a lurker is pretty easy to kill.) you then have to roll your defense against the Zombie. In this case a 3 or higher to defend against a Lurker. If you miss (again, sorry about your luck, you should try Rock\Paper\Scissors instead.) you take a wound. You have either 15, 20 or 25 wounds depending on the size of the deck you are playing.  

Now the stronger the zombie, the harder it will be to kill and defend against. But Zombiez will have 1 wound. But look out, if your Rivals get 2 or 3 Zombie cards down on 1 location, it might get difficult to clear the location before you can use it and gain any bonus from it.  

The all-important AAAHHH! Card. The AAAHHH! Card is what allows you to zombiefoul your rival’s plans, his weapons, equipment and inventory, even his locations. Best of all, you can enhance Zombiez, add Zombie tokens and really mess with their game. For instance, the “ZOMBIEZ EVERYWHERE!” AAAHHH! Card will add 1D6 Zombie Tokens (3,3,1 Zombie ) to the target Survivors active location. Sweet Mother of Mayhem that is a lot of Zombiez!! If you have any other questions on gameplay send us an email message and we will be glad to answer it.  

Cheers, DE Staff.

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