Zombie Alpiner – Adventure in the Land of Monsters
Zombie Alpiner – Adventure in the Land of Monsters

This project has already launched.


We love computers, technology and playing video games. We also love to create our own games and has to be admitted: we learned to code mainly for this reason…

You surely remember and have played some classical platforms like Donkey Kong, Manic Miner, Pitfall!, Hunchback, The NewZealand Story, Miner 2049er, etc. How many hours of fun have you spent with them? Now, in the 21st century, it seems that platformers are no longer seen as hot game console sellers by big firms, therefore we haven’t seen new, interesting titles on the shelves. Moreover, the use of 3D, touch screens and other new technologies inevitably changed the gameplay and feelings of recent games if compared to classic titles based on 2D graphics and digital joystick controllers.

At the end of 2014, an Australian indie game development company published Crossy Road, an endless arcade game, clearly inspired by the classic Frogger. It has an excellent gameplay, the controls work great, it’s simple and immediate and has a modern and effective 3D graphic. It’s surely an example to follow for the gameplay for a new game idea.

The aesthetic look-and-feel of voxel graphics has always intrigued us. There are amazing landscapes in games like Minecraft. Blocky graphics is great to give a retro feeling.

Physics. Can you imagine Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja without it? Physics is a key component to add fun and longevity to modern games.

We added all these elements we like to our melting-pot while designing our new indie game, Zombie Alpiner. The game was played a lot and the intuition to mix these components together seems to work very well.

Now, it’s time toofficially present the game to get the most important feedback from gamers like you!


You are an alpine climber. Unfortunately, during your last trip you were zombified! You are experiencing fever, chills, acute pain in the joints, loss of muscular coordination, overall numbness and a partial paralysis in the lower body. It’s necessary to reach a Center for Disease Control and Prevention to receive the appropriate medical treatment.

You are still in control of your body and mind and do not want absolutely to infect other people, because you are the Hero! So, you decided to pass through the uninhabited, infamous and extremely dangerous Land of Monsters.

Journey across various landscapes, avoid monster, pitfalls and traps. Will you be able to survive?

 Hero Design Artwork


Zombie Alpiner is a platform game with multiple levels. It has a true 3D engine that is governed by physics laws.

We want to capture the feeling of the old-school platforms. They are immediate, engaging and fun.

The goal is simple: explore each level and collect the needed keys to unlock the path to the exit. Along the way you can encounter bonuses to pick up and enemies to avoid. Jump, climb, overcome pitfalls and obstacles to advance the game.

Have a lot of fun playing our indie game!


The Hero is turning into a zombie, so this is affecting his movements. The body is now rigid and it is not possible to walk normally anymore. He can only jump to move. He is still able to climb, to make long jumps and, luckily, at present a fall down can’t kill him. He does not have the ability to swim, so water must be avoided at all costs.

There is a freakish “zombie physics” to take care of while playing the game. It can be used at your advantage in some situations, but also kill you. This is a really fun aspect of the game.

It’s possible to combine a move with a climb/long jump action. In some cases, it’s mandatory to use combos to overcome a hurdle.

In designing each level, we always attempted to find the right balance among difficulty, playability, complexity, longevity, simplicity and fun. Any level should not be too easy to complete, but also not frustrating to have to replay again.

There isn’t a time limit for completing a level, however you have only one life and there isn’t an option to save the progresses. Anyway, it’s possible to restart from last played level collecting the minimum number of coins indicated in the HUD.

Game Levels


Lastly, as in any good old platform, there are movable blocks to use as elevators, dangerous lava blocks and, of course, the enemies.


The game is populated by any kind of monsters and beasts: ghosts, goblins, orcs, vampires, spiders, snakes, bears, rats, mummies, zombies, etc.

It’s not possible to kill the enemies, you can only avoid them! They have variegated bulks and speeds. Their intelligence is very limited, but they are really effective while defending their territory.

All the enemies are designed in pure voxel graphics.

Enemies Design Artwork - "Skorpion"

 Enemies Design Artwork - "The Mummy"


  • Old-school/classic gameplay;
  • True 3D engine with voxel graphics aesthetic and physics;
  • 18 unique game levels with various landscapes;
  • 15 different monsters and beasts;
  • 3D sound effects;
  • Beautiful background music;
  • Immediate and intuitive game commands;
  • Keyboard and Joystick support on PC versions (Mac and Windows);
  • Playable for everybody and anybody. Fun for all ages. Challenge your skill and reflexes!

Design & Development Phases

Enemies Design Artwork - "Baby Orc"

Enemies Design Artwork - "The Skull"

 Enemies Design Artwork - "Franky"


10E - Digital Copy of the Game

Do you just want the game? Back at this level and you’ll get a DRM free digital copy of the game for you Mac when it will be finished. It will be possible to select the PC or Android version of the game in case the conversion goal will be achieved.

Estimated delivery: December 2016 for Mac version. End of Q1 2017 for PC/Android versions.

15E - Digital Copy of the Game + Beta Access (Limited)

Get access to the playable beta at the end of the Kickstarter campaign (Mac only).

You'll receive a digital copy of the game, as indicated in the previous reward.

Your name will be in the Credits of the game.

20E - Digital Copy of the Game + Digital Artworks

You'll receive a digital copy of some of the Artworks used during the design of the game.

You'll receive a digital copy of the game, as indicated in the previous rewards.

Your name will be in the Credits of the game.

75E - Digital Copy of the Game + Original Artwork (Limited)

You'll receive one Original Artwork used during the design of the game. You'll also receive a digital copy of the Artworks as indicated in the previous reward.

You'll receive a digital copy of the game, as indicated in the previous rewards.

Your name will be in the Credits of the game.

250E - Digital Copy of the Game + Original Artwork + Design a Level (Limited)

You'll design a complete game level with us! We will get in touch with you with Skype and other collaborative tools and you'll be part of the game creation process.

You'll receive one Original Artwork used during the design of the game. You'll also receive a digital copy of the Artworks as indicated in the previous reward.

You'll receive a digital copy of the game, as indicated in the previous rewards.

Your name will be in the Credits of the game.


Please, note that, unfortunately, we cannot provide redeem codes for iOS or tvOS as reward to our backers, since it's not allowed by Apple Developer Program agreement. For the same reason we cannot provide access to betas via TestFlight. The Mac version is a special edition of the game, created exclusively for this Kickstarter campaign, and it will be distributed directly, without using the Mac App Store.


1,000E - The Game.

This is our initial goal. The game, with a total of 18 levels, for Mac, iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Apple TV (4th generation).

1,500E - Additional levels.

Six additional levels, for a total of 24 levels. These will be special levels!

8,000E - Windows and Android versions.

Conversion of the game for PC Windows and Android platforms.


Even though the game is in a fairly advanced stage of completion, we decided to create this Kickstarter campaign for two reasons.

Firstly, we are self-financing the project and we have a limited budget. We realized that we need help to finish the game in a polished and complete state. In particular, we completed nearly half of the planned levels. Designing, implementing and testing a level is a very time consuming task. Moreover, the conversion from Apple’s platforms (Mac, iOS and tvOS) to Windows and Android is a very expensive and long work, that we will not be able to complete without your help.

Secondly, by sharing our project on Kickstarter, we hope to reach more players than we could otherwise. We want to connect directly with you and have backers collaborating with us to refine the gameplay and levels. We really want to hear what you think and that you will be part of this adventure.

We really hope you’ll consider backing the project.


We are a small indie development studio based in Turin, Italy.

Started in 2010, we have published more than 200 apps for iPhone/iPad, Android, Apple TV, Windows and Mac. Some apps were featured by Apple in the "New & Noteworthy" section in several stores and ranked the Top 20 in various countries.

We are an Intel Software Premier Elite Partner since the end of 2013.

We like to create apps that provide an innovative, addictive and compelling entertainment experience.


Many thanks for the time spent reading this presentation. We hope you enjoyed it and you'll be a part of the adventure of the creation of this game.


  • Operative System requirements: Mac with OSX 10.11, iPhone/iPad with iOS 9, Apple TV with tvOS 9, PC with Windows 8/10, Android 4.
  • Game content rating: although the horror theme, there is no explicit violence, gore, blood, etc. The game is not yet classified using PEGI or ESRB rating systems since it’s not published, however, based on our previous experience, it should be suitable for ages 7 and older.
  • The background music in the video is "Ropocalypse 2" by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech .com). Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License.
  • Trademark Notice: Product or corporate names may be trademarks or registered trademarks, and are used only for identification and explanation without intent to infringe.


Creating a game is a complex and difficult technical exercise. Games take such a vast amount of work in so many different areas that they can be overwhelming. Very often unforeseen problems arise. Running out of time and funds are the most common issues.

Zombie Alpiner is not our first game or app developed and most of the risks have been taken during the early stages of the development process. The game is already playable, it’s fun and has the first 10 levels created and extensively tested. With your help, we can make it bigger and better. We are only offering backer rewards that we are confident that we can deliver.

Communication is important. We will provide periodic updates on the progresses of the project. If you have questions, suggestions for new features or improvements, please feel free to contact us, we will be pleased to get in touch with you.

Even if this founding campaign will not be successful, we will complete and publish our game. However, we hope you’ll be part of this adventure and to receive your support and feedbacks.



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