ZipSeam - Instantly Tailor Your Baggy Shirts
ZipSeam - Instantly Tailor Your Baggy Shirts

This project has already launched.

A poorly fitting wardrobe can make you look sloppy and unprofessional. Despite the movement by manufacturers towards slim fit apparel, the sizing of shirts is still very limited. You can often find a shirt that fits you at the neck but balloons out at the waist, or fits your body and basically strangles you to death, leaving the top button impossible to close.  The one-size-fits-most model may technically fit, but the result leaves much to be desired.


Traditional DIY tailoring methods are time consuming and hard to master. Professional tailors are expensive and require multiple trips to and from the store. Forget about a wardrobe full of bespoke shirts, you might have to sell off some bitcoin to pay for them. 

With the ZipSeam, you can tailor a shirt in minutes, and unlike traditional tailoring methods, you can remove the ZipSeam and adjust the fit if you don't like your first attempt. Don't worry, the ZipSeam is washer and dryer safe so you won't have to re-tailor your shirts after every wash. 

Here is a shirt I bought from the thrift store for less than a dollar to show what a dramatic difference the ZipSeam can make. As with most shirts I find, this shirt fits me at the neck (size 16) but was unusually baggy in the sleeves and body. I reduced the sleeves by about 2 inches, and the torso by about 4 inches from each side. 

The new ZipSeam combines the holding power of the first version, and the flexibility and comfort of the second version, all the while being easier to use than the previous versions. You can even break the ZipSeam down into smaller segments to further contour the fit of your shirts. 


Despite having a very strong hold, each set of the ZipSeam weighs less than an ounce so you won't even know it's there. 


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