Zing - World's Smartest Night Light
Zing - World's Smartest Night Light

This project has already launched.

Beautiful Night Light

  • 12 Full-Color LEDs
  • Nifty Effects
  • Blue Light Reduction (sleep-friendly colors like iOS Night Shift)

Path Prediction

  • Multiple Zing will learn and predict your path at night. Next time you go on your 2am fridge run, Zing will automatically light your entire path (Bedroom, Stairs, Kitchen) without affecting others. No more fumbling with light switches, it kinda feels like the future.

Bluetooth Item Locator

  • Zing is a gadget positioning system for your house.  Zing scans for nearby Bluetooth devices and track their location in real-time. Works with both Alexa and Google Assistant to help you get out of the door in the morning.
  • "Alexa, ask Zing to find my Keys"
  • "OK Google, talk to Zing Locator to find my Phone" 

Visual Indicator for Smartphone Events

  • Incoming phone calls, text msg, facebook, instagram, snapchat, twitter, etc. can all trigger distinct effects on the Zing

Smartphone Control

  • Configure colors and effects for multiple triggers and events
  • Live ambiance effects
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