ZHIPI customized wallet
ZHIPI customized wallet

This project has already launched.

Hello to all dear backers,

I'm Jacob, 25-year-old man from Shenzhen, China. I ahve brought my first designed wallet: ZHIPI on Indiegogo, and start this campaign two days ago.

ZHIPI: Your first customized waxed leather wallet

For this produtct, we mostly concentrate on its design, make it be touchable, endurable. And we know that, if we want to realize this, we need to ensure its material must be totally good, so you can see in our campaign page, we made lots of explaintion to introduce it: Italy imported, waterproof brown paper, which all of this can guarantee its using experience, and make it small better the longer you have been using it. 

Considering that people may have their own prefer with this wallet, they need to carry on it almost every day, after all, so we decide to open this to you all: print people's name on this wallet, so you can take it as a gift for your family and friends, a Souvenir or something meaningful. 

Moreover, we have listed several colors for you to choose, you can get them for your family or friends


Your support really matters, so we are glad to share our work with most of person, and for well service this Prefundia backers, I would like to give you another perk off for 5 USD to thank you for your share and attention. 

This link will be available here: Click here and get 5 USD off

Best wishes to all of you!

Thank you

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