Zeus Drone - lifts heavy cameras and other payloads into the air
Zeus Drone - lifts heavy cameras and other payloads into the air

ZEUS - the heavy lift drone that’s simple to fly and affordable to buy.

Multirotor drones like the DJI Phantom can do amazing things, but if you need to lift anything heavier than a GoPro, you're out of luck.  Unfortunately, the drones able to lift a substantial camera or other sizable cargo can cost upwards of $5,000 ready to fly.  Worse still they are notoriously complex to setup, fly and maintain.  

Unable to find an affordable, simple flying drone that could lift our payloads we, a group of drone and photography enthusiasts, decided to create our own.  The result is Zeus. 


Zeus is a simple to fly drone that can lift a SLR camera or other payload weighing over 5 pounds.  With six powerful motors spinning six carbon fiber rotor blades (instead of the usual four) Zeus has plenty of thrust to get your camera rig airborne.  Despite all this power, its as easy to fly as any $50 toy quadcopter.  With Zeus there are no apps to download or Global Positioning systems to calibrate.  Nor will this drone ever be grounded just because you forgot to download the latest firmware update.  Best of all, with Zeus your project can get airborne for around $1,000.  

We need your support to launch Zeus so that an independent film maker can get their Cannon 7D into the air for that perfect shot without busting their film’s budget.   We need your support to get Zeus to market so that an aspiring engineer will have a low cost, heavy lifting platform to start experimenting with drone based package delivery.  After all, why should Google and Amazon hog all the fun?

But more than anything, we want your support to make Zeus a reality because we can't wait to see what awesome things you will do with your own heavy lift drone!

If your interested in learning more about the drone with the big payload and small price that lets you "Lift More - Do More" please follows us here on Prefundia.com and friend us on facebook under "Zeus Multirotor" 

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