ZEROHOUR IGNITE: Titanium Micro-USB Pocket Flashlight
ZEROHOUR IGNITE: Titanium Micro-USB Pocket Flashlight

This project has already launched.

ZEROHOUR IGNITE is the ultimate rechargeable pocket flashlight.

Ready to light your way everywhere you go, break out your new favorite spark plug and start the countdown:

3 premium finishes...

2 heavy-duty magnetic caps...

1 micro-USB recharging port...



Our first two ZeroHour flashlight projects rewarded over 1,800 backers and many satisfied buyers after our retail launches. We expanded this year into tactical pens with our most backed and most quickly delivered campaign so far.

Backers, media, and consumers love us because we know how to reinvent products, and we stand by our work with lifetime warranties. We’re introducing IGNITE in response to everyone who’s been asking us for a ZeroHour quality flashlight that fits in the palm of your hand.

IGNITE is as strong as our first flashlight and as versatile as our second, while its three-inch body makes IGNITE our most compact flashlight ever!

But never underestimate the little guy: every ZeroHour flashlight is built to withstand the most extreme conditions. IGNITE is available in nearly indestructible Grade 5 titanium or 6061 Aircraft Aluminum. Waterproof and fully submersible up to 2 meters, IGNITE can shake off rough weather or an unexpected dip.

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The cylindrical form is designed to be unobtrusive in the pocket and smooth to retrieve. Recessed notches along the body reflect our unique ZeroHour aesthetic.

IGNITE’s incredible illumination is provided by a CREE XP-G2 LED. ZeroHour stands by CREE's industry-best emitters for all of our flashlights, and we’re excited to pack a 385 lumen punch into your pocket.

Strike the match with a simple twist of the switch. Cycle through Moonlight mode (0.5 lumens), 100 lumens, 385 lumens, and Strobe.


After 3 seconds in the off position, the next twist will return to moonlight.

IGNITE's 91-meter range allows you to see many times farther and wider than a smartphone light, with a comfortable grip that better protects your safety.


Our most compact flashlight is also our most portable and attachable!

Clip IGNITE's heavy-duty magnetic flat cap onto the tail. Attach it to any magnetic surface to keep your flashlight within easy reach. Use the quick-release magnetic keychain cap to take IGNITE with you on the go.

Prevent your flashlight from rolling away with the removable, anti-roll pocket clip.

Clip IGNITE to your keychain, slip it in your pocket, or tuck it into your bag. Illuminate tight work spaces. Perfect for everyday carry or easy travel packing for your next adventure.

Our amazing backer support fuels our mission to offer a full line of ZEROHOUR flashlights for your modern needs. Thank you for welcoming IGNITE into the ZEROHOUR family!


IGNITE Pocket Flashlight includes:

  • Flashlight
  • 10440 battery
  • Magnetic keychain tailcap
  • Twist-off keychain tailcap
  • Pocket clip

Modes / Runtimes:

  • Low (Moonlight): 0.5 lumens / 57 hours
  • Medium: 100 lumens / 1.25 hours
  • High: 385 lumens / 15 mins
  • Strobe: 385 lumens


  • Weight (w/battery): Titanium 1.74 oz / 49.32 g, Aluminum 1.34 oz / 37.98 g
  • Length (w/quick release cap): 86 mm / 3.38 in
  • Diameter: 15.3 mm / 0.60 in

Peak beam intensity: 2093 candella
Max beam distance: 91 meters
Impact resistance: 1.5 meters
Waterproof rating: IPX8 2 meters

Twist off the head switch to access the micro-USB recharging port or the magnetic tail-cap to remove the battery. IGNITE is powered by a rechargeable 10440 lithium-ion battery (included), and also supports AAA alkaline or rechargeable AAA NiMH batteries.

You can easily remove and replace the battery. We recommend our very own ZH1 lithium-ion battery charger for a safe and steady recharge. Featuring gold-plated contacts, ZH1 charges a wide range of lithium-ion batteries and automatically uses the most optimal charge current.

You may also leave the battery in its compartment and recharge with the micro-USB port. Plug in any micro-USB cable and standard 5V 1A adapter to recharge your flashlight.

Shown with optional 2.5" Keychain USB cable accessory
Shown with optional 2.5" Keychain USB cable accessory


Recharging IGNITE using our RELIC XR flashlight
Recharging IGNITE using our RELIC XR flashlight

After 90 minutes, you’re ready to re-IGNITE!



Experience our whole line of award-winning ZeroHour products:

ZEROHOUR XD set new standards for flashlights by offering the ultimate integration of light and power: a 1,000-lumen CREE LED flashlight combined with 10,000mAh USB charger for your smart devices.

ZEROHOUR XR is a compact USB rechargeable tactical flashlight with variable control ring, tail-cap switch, and waterproof battery backup all-in-one. It’s smaller and lighter than our XD, yet gives you even more control.

ZEROHOUR APEX is a tactical pen for extreme conditions, designed with indestructible materials, an out-of-this-world waterproof ink cartridge, and tungsten steel glass-breaking tip.

Look for special bundles in the rewards section to combine IGNITE with other ZeroHour devices!




Our team has managed three prior Kickstarter campaigns from start to finished product. We have gone through all the necessary steps in developing our new flashlight prototype, which can go into production quickly after our campaign ends. Your backing pays for costs that are inherently higher for a start-up: minimum order quantity, production/tooling, packaging design, shipping, as well as the costs of meeting quality, safety, and environmental responsibility standards. Your pledge shows us that you believe in our vision for innovative tactical products, and in return, we pledge to deliver a high-quality reward to you.

For high-resolution photos please request access to our Google Drive:


October 2016: Campaign goes LIVE

November 2016: Mass production begins

December 2016: IGNITE arrives

January 2017: DELIVER REWARDS!

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