Zero Sum: The Card Game
Zero Sum: The Card Game

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Zero Sum: The Card Game 

A Card Game of Corporate Competition on the Galactic Frontier

Price: $40

Now available on Kickstarter!

In the year 2328, humanity destroyed the world. Funded by Earth’s most powerful corporations, great ships were built and launched, carrying the remnants of humanity into the stars. Now, a thousand years later, these corporations rule the known galaxy and you, as one of their chosen agents, are tasked with enforcing your corporation’s agenda throughout the galactic frontier.

Zero Sum: The Card Game is a competitive strategy card game inviting you to explore the galaxy and exploit your enemies to gain prestige and resources in a dynamic, on-going story campaign. You play a corporate agent, entrusted with a generous number of funds to build up your presence and commission your forces. These funds, are both your primary spending resource and your life pool. You are to use these funds to prove your value to your corporation. As you achieve success, you will be promoted up the ranks, gaining access to new abilities and credit lines.

Eager to test your mettle, your employer has sent you on a dangerous, covert exploration mission to Zatheon Alpha Three, an icy moon in a virtually unexplored system. You’ve been entrusted with a small landing party: a squadron of loyal soldiers, ambassadors, and scientists. Your explorations will uncover a variety of difficult challenges, as represented by the Catch deck - a specialized deck of environmental hazards and trying situations through which you and the agents of other corporations will compete for power, influence, and resources.



There are two mega-corporations currently playable in the Zero Sum universe: TechNet Corporation and Anacron.

Wielding the galaxy's most powerful military, the TechNet Corporation ruthlessly pursues its goal of advancing the human condition through synthetic augmentation and enhancement. They hold a position of unprecedented economic power through a monopoly on the highly coveted mineral Technetium. This empire is best known for its super-soldiers - cybernetically enhanced ground troops, assassins, and pilots - most of whom are devoted to expanding the corporation's ability to mine, refine, and distribute this precious resource.

Dedicated to the digital preservation of humanity, Anacron controls the galaxy's information networks. The majority of Anacron's citizens exist as digital entities, living consciousnesses called Wraiths that have been connected to the Uplink, Anacron's vast biosynthetic network. While in Uplink, Anacron can monitor and control the flow of information both within its borders and, by hacking, surveillance, or virus attacks, manipulate the flow of information across the entire galactic network. The ultimate goal of Anacron is to dominate virtual space and to preserve the collected minds of humanity in a digital universe.

Zero Sum was inspired by Android: Netrunner, Shadowrun, Dune, and Mass Effect, among other sci-fi titles. The game features solo or competitive (1v1) play modes, and a story campaign. Gameplay runs 10-20 minutes, and the box features all the cards you need to play TechNet or Anacron. We have plans to add five additional corporations to the game as stand-alone game boxes, as well as a cooperative play expansion. Check us out on Kickstarter and join the Zero Sum galaxy, or follow us on our website, or on Twitter @BadCaptainGames or Facebook.


Are you Like Netrunner?

Sort of. Like Netrunner, players adopt the role of corporate agents, playing corporation decks with unique powers and abilities. Unlike Netrunner, however, players engage with a neutral, randomized adventure deck, which provides rewards and prestige for those calculating enough to overcome the encounters therein. 

Wait... Are you a TCG/CCG?

No. Zero Sum is a world of corporate enterprise and galactic exploration. Assuming our Kickstarter succeeds, we plan to show you this world through a series of boxed expansions. We are not doing random booster packs or trading cards: each box will feature a stand-alone deck-building experience and will contain all the cards you’ll need to play the game, offering a different set of corporate factions complete with unique agents and abilities, and a host of customization options.

The story campaign of Zero Sum will evolve over time too, taking you across humanity’s new frontier as you explore hostile planets and derelict spaceships, fight wars of information, espionage, and military might, and discover the secrets of humanity’s journey to the stars, and the true reasons your ancestors had to leave Earth.

To complement our regular expansions, we will also release adventure packs, each containing a completely new Catch deck full of challenging puzzles and lucrative rewards. These packs are meant to be shared, and can be played by any corporate faction with or without the included episodic story campaign.

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