Zero Heroes
Zero Heroes

This project has already launched.

Have you ever thought what it's like to be caught in the cross-hairs of Superheroes doing their thing or ever wondered what happened to that poor soul after their car got totalled from being used as a battering ram. What if your life was in constant turmoil all due to the escapades of Superheroes?

Well that is exactly Evelyn Drake's life. Superheroes are ruining her very existence on a daily basis. And on top of bills, work and battling everyday life, Evelyn has to keep her anti-superhero agenda from her Superhero obsessed roommate Sarah, girlfriend Lily and well the rest of the world. Because lets face it it's not all that normal to not like superheroes. So she turns to a personal video diary as her only outlet. But will this really be the safe place she was hoping for...

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Director: Murdock Ramone is taking on the exciting challenge of directing the web series.

Director of Photography: Pete Banks joins the team with an abundance of experience and a great creative eye. For examples of his work

Writer: Lois Wilkinson has won numerous awards for pieces of her written work from short stories to other scripts. And has been developing Zero Heroes for the past couple of years.


Production dates are set for the end of October. With a release in November, where we plan to release two episodes a week.

Yes we got fancy and made you a little pie chart.

Equipment, Props etc.. - This is an essential part of making the web series. We need camera and lighting equipment to film a high quality show for you to enjoy. Props to dress the set, which is integral as all the action will take place in one room. Etc.. is everything from wardrobe to hair and make up.

Crew- Our crew are very excited and enthusiastic about this project but it would still be nice to give them a little something for all the hard work they're going to put in.

Cast- It is our talented group of actors who will be bringing the characters of Zero Heroes to life. And filming over an intense five days it will be nice to be able to pay them a little something too.

Food- A happy set is a fed set. No one wants to be around a group of actors and crew who have not been fed. So we think some form of sustenance is important!

Location- Finding the right location is paramount. It might seem simple as we are only using one room, but it is all about finding the right size and right feel. The room is very much a character in itself as its where all the action happens.

Other- This a very vague term we know, but this is going to be used for marketing, festival costs and a little bit of a contingency encase something arises.


  • We believe that our web series fills a gap in the Superhero genre that is often over look by its blockbuster counterpart.
  • We're proud that our series was created by a woman and that the lead cast are female. At this point in the industry we feel this can only send a positive message.
  • We hope our series will be an LGBTQ friendly show. We hope we portray the relationships in the show so that they send a positive message and make a good impact.



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