ZenScape Rain from Philip Ian on Vimeo.

We all live stressful lives filled with difficult challenges and even the smallest mental breaks can give our body the calm it needs to stay focused. Mental blocks, lack of creativity, headaches, or illness are often caused by stress in our professional and personal lives when we forget to take time for ourselves. We designed this piece of Interactive LED artwork to give people a way to decompress throughout the day; giving all the opportunity to take a deep breath and remember to take care of themselves.

The ZenScape is a BluetoothLE interactive piece of artwork that can be used in multiple capacities. Breathing exercises, guided meditations, color therapy, mood lighting, simulated day/moon lighting, etc. The ZenScape is sound reactive and great for use at parties or events. Use it as a soothing firefly-esque night light to fall asleep and help children feel safe in the dark. 

Each ZenScape comes with lifetime firmware updates to keep your ZenScape up-to-date. With up to 7 Hours of battery life (up to 7 days in ECO mode) you can take your ZenScape with you to bring your sense of calm to the office or event. 

For more information please contact us at Contact@mindfield.xyz

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