Zen Zion
Zen Zion

This project has already launched.

After much discussion at several, separate times, with many different people. I have found that Northam WA has one thing missing!
A Wellness Centre! Somewhere we can all go to, to just be!
I endeavour, with the help of funding from a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds of $500,000 USD to allow me to purchase a property which is available at this time.
My intention is to turn this property into a Wellness Centre in which we can all attend classes, groups, sessions and so forth. I am an Accredited Meditation Teacher Holistic Counselor.
My mission in life is to take as many hands as possible and lead them to a better life.
I am an overcomer of severe domestic violence which spanned over 2 relationships of 13 years... I am an overcomer of Breast Cancer and I'm now cancer free! I truly believe in life we are dealt many challenges that are designed to send us home! But I also believe we are only as strong as we believe ourselves to be!
Anyone who knows me, knows I am honest in my dealings with life. I don't cheat situations, rather I consider myself as an overcomer. The reason I do not say I am a survivor is because that would indicate I was a victim. I was and never will be a victim!
I manifest everything into my life using dream boards and the Law of Attraction...
To begin with my plan was to build Zen Zion The a Garden of Peace and Wellness on our own property but since a couple of meetings were held with the shire etc. It was decided it would be a better option to purchase a dwelling that would suit all the requirements. I have found such a property. A short distance from our beautiful family home and now my intentions are to raise the funds to purchase it and turn it into a beautiful place where we can all just be!
This property has 2 dwellings on it. The first house is yet to be completed, with most of the materials needed being supplied by the owner. This would be the Wellness Centre. The second is a beautiful, fully renovated cottage that is totally suitable to make into 7 rooms and these will be used for chakra rooms. 7 rooms decorated in chakra colours for guests to stay in. The grounds are complete with a swimming pool, many sheds, which will be utilized fully, boasting a spa, sauna and at studio in which guests will be encouraged to paint.
The grounds are also suitable to transform into a beautiful Zen Garden which is already named Zen Zion The Garden of Peace & Wellness! This project has literally been in my mind for many, many years and now I have been given the opportunity to bring it into reality. To be able to do this! I need the kindness of people like you to donate as much as you possibly can without being put out of pocket. If it's only $1, every single cent counts!
I've also offered quite a few incentives as rewards. These would be my absolute pleasure to deliver to you on completion of this funding period. If you truly believe in me! As I believe in myself! You'll get behind me and help make this happen!
Thank you

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