Yunmai 2 smart scale
Yunmai 2 smart scale

This project has already launched.

YUNMAI 2 smart body scale 

YUNMAI2 is an excellent family health management assistant. Embodied with sleek and delicate design, many of its multi-function features include Wi-Fi synchronization and Bluetooth connection, 3000mAh high-capacity battery with USB Type-C charge interface. These all ensure extraordinary experience in keeping up the daily fitness running.


This is our first “Indiegogo” campaign, and our YUNMAI operation team ever more values such opportunity. As much as this project has profound significance to us dearly, we are handling every process with prudence to avoid any mistakes that may concern our sponsors.

Over the course of three painstaking years, YUNMAI 2 has been constantly and thoroughly analyzing, from its prototype version to its finalized product, to ensure every part of the scale reaches our ultimate goal of creating perfect design and flawless functions. This smart in-body measuring device equipped with many new technologies is made from YUNMAI’s relentless endeavors, even testing the product at least a hundred times to make sure the equipment can perform with minimal or no error, whatsoever. Our ambition, and at the same time hope, is making those technology available to our customers and provide everyone with better using experience.

We have communicated with our global distributors to guarantee the service and delivery time can meet the demands of our sponsors. We optimistically deem that our efforts will promptly solve any possible contingency that our sponsors may encounter.


Sincerely appreciates and feel grateful to all of you


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