You're Not Alone: Mental Health Mobile Communication App
You're Not Alone: Mental Health Mobile Communication App

In January 2014, after nearly 10 years of suffering with Anxiety & Depression, I took it upon myself to create a mental health social network.

After a few days planning and thinking about how to tackle the task, I set to it. And within a week or two, the website was launched at I spent every spare hour I had trying to create a network for sufferers which gave sufferers more options. Where people could socialise, share stories and support one another. 

Within a few months, I'd received support from various celebrities on twitter, and also a piece in my local paper. The website was growing even in such a short amount of time. Bearing in mind that this site had been built from scratch by myself. 

Fast forward to now, nearly 12 months on and Anxiety United has over 14.5k followers on twitter, a facebook page which is closing in on 2000 likes and almost 2000 members on our FREE to use website.

There are also regular podcasts which can be found on the website, and also via iTunes, we have regular guest bloggers sharing valuable information, and we have a resource section which has been created specifically for Anxiety United, and all of this is free for every single person who visits the site.

With all of this in mind, I'm sure you can appreciate that creating this platform has taken up a lot of my time, and this kickstarter project is in no means meant as a way for me to reap benefits of that. This project is aimed at me being able to take Anxiety United to the next level.

So many people use mobile devices to communicate these days and often via social media. But sometimes, people who suffer with mental health issues may not want to share their anxieties with the world via facebook or twitter. Sometimes they might just want to speak to someone who can relate, someone who knows the feelings and can help offer support.

And this is exactly what this project is for....

We are looking to have a mobile app developed for mental health sufferers to be able to communicate with others. Whether via text chat, voice call or video call. To share experiences at any time, via mobile device with someone who can relate. Someone who may also feel alone.

If you feel that this would be a beneficial to sufferers, then please feel free to help us get this off the ground.

This app will be FREE to download and as always, it will be FREE to register an account on Anxiety United.


Should we exceed our target here on kickstarter, we have plenty of other avenues to explore with any additional funds. i.e. Software updates for the website, raising awareness with advertising and also more resources for our users.

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