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Your Life is an Opera!

Have you ever thought how it could be an episode of your life if it were a piece of an Opera? It would be moving? Funny? Exciting? Have you ever thought that episode can be played and sung as a romance of a great work? With strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion ... And true voices, vibrant and exciting, that sing your story in the romantic language par excellence: Italian. 

Well, Marco Grieco (read the full bio in the Kickstarter bio-section), an italian Opera and Musical composer wich is involved in the composition and staging of a lot of creations within the Grieco Brothers ( see ) wants to make of YOUR life a beautiful Opera "Romance"! 

He will compose music and write original lyrics based on your indications and will create unique masterpiece (you can test the quality of composition listening to the soundtrack of the video).

You will also receive a certificate of authenticity and originality of the music signed by the composer and author, Marco Grieco, with your name and the authorization to use the song and to spread it.

Of course there will be NOT any other music in the world like yours. Your song will be unique and original, written and composed by Marco Grieco for you. For a friend of you or your relative. For your son, for your Love... or, just for YOU. It is possible to make Marco Grieco write and compose also a duet for man and woman (tenore & soprano). Check the rewards list.

Don't wait. This possibility will be very time and number limited (maximum 100). Hurry! Pledge this project!


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