Youngblood Yoga
Youngblood Yoga

There are three major problems affecting the local yoga scene:

1.  The prices for yoga classes in Orange County can be outrageous.  There is no affordable place to practice.

2.  Yoga instructors are often asked to teach classes for an hourly rate that is insulting.  The studio might be charging $20 or more per student, and selling $100 yoga pants, but...paying the instructor a mere $20 per class.

3.  New yoga instructors are stuck in a catch-22.  You need teaching experience in order to get a job teaching, and you need that job to get experience.  

Youngblood Yoga will solve all three of these problems, creating affordable classes, paying fair wages, and offering a place for new and aspiring instructors to gain experience teaching the public.

How We Will Achieve This...

Classes will be taught at three levels:

$5- taught by interns who are still in a yoga teacher training program.  They may be teaching the class from a book or a script, and will be brand new to teaching, so class price is very low.  These classes will run one or two days a week, depending on the number of interns.

$10- taught by recent graduates of yoga teacher training programs.  These instructors will be off-book, but will need your patience.   They will be paid a base-rate, as well as a per-head rate.   These classes will run one or two days a week, depending on the number of recent grads.


$15- taught by more experienced instructors, who will be paid a higher base-rate, as well as a per-head rate.  These classes will run every day.

Everyone should have access to yoga classes.  If you want to do your part in helping make yoga more affordable in Orange County, join the mailing list to be the first to know when our Kickstarter launches (Spring '18).

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