Young Adult Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy Novel
Young Adult Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy Novel

This project has already launched.

A chance to back the 13th installment in a breathtaking series for teens and adults that has been downloaded more than 750,000 times.

About this project

Imagine a world where packs of shapeshifters face off against werewolves and vampires. A world where shadowy immortals, lurking in the darkness, have been manipulating the course of the world since the beginning of time, and all mankind is racing towards an apocalypse that could depopulate the entire planet. Most importantly, envision a world where only love offers the strength to avert the coming crisis.

The Reflections Universe is a result of decades spent reading epic fantasy while I was growing up, combined with ten years spent more recently delving into both urban fantasy and paranormal romance books. Along the way I realized that most fantasy novels have elements of romance in them (it's a pretty universal, driving force for us humans), and that most romance novels have some fantasy in them.

With the Reflections series, I set out to craft an urban fantasy with the scope of a massive epic fantasy story, while still incorporating strong romance elements so that the resulting work could be enjoyed by a broad spectrum of readers. Several books in, I realized that I needed more flexibility when it came to showing various sides of the characters, so I also began writing the Dark Reflections books. The Dark Reflections books are an alternate timeline where one Reflections character is never born, which in turn has a cascading set of impacts to the world, culminating in some of the good guys turning bad and some of the bad guys ending up good.

The resulting pair of series (which I call the Reflections Universe) is more complex than anything else I've ever read while still remaining very accessible to readers both young and old. It offers up a narrative that is straight-forward enough for teens to enjoy, while still providing layers of plot and foreshadowing that even mature readers sometimes won't catch until their second or third read through.

Best of all, the Reflections Universe is a set of 17 novels and 5 short stories that spans more than 1.6 million words (That's nearly 1.5 times the length of the 7 books in the Harry Potter series, or three times the combined size of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.) This, combined with the fact that there are nearly a dozen additional novels currently planned, means that if you end up liking the Reflections Universe, there is plenty of story there to keep you entertained for weeks.

I have been writing full-time for more than four years. Along the way I've written more than 3,000,000 words, published more than 2,500,000 words, given out more than a million free books, and sold more than 120,000 books to readers who liked the free novels enough to come back for more.

Recent changes to the publishing landscape have pushed me into a role where I'm currently spending almost all of my time marketing my series rather than writing new books, which is the last thing I (and most of my readers) want, so I'm running a Kickstarter project to fund the next book in my well-received Reflections Universe.

I know that it can be intimidating to pick up a series of this size, so I've made things as easy as possible for new readers. If this is your first time hearing about the Reflections Universe and you're already sold on the idea, please feel free to pledge. If you need a little more persuading, I'm currently offering both Broken (my first Reflections book) and Bound (my first Dark Reflections book) for free at all of the major retailers. Please go grab a copy of either Broken (which leans more to the romance side of the continuum) or Bound (which is much stronger on the action and adventure side of the continuum) (both are available for free right now wherever it is you normally buy ebooks), and try them out. If you like what you see then hurry back and pledge—the "I'm All In" reward tier will get you ebook copies of all the books in the Reflections Universe (both the Reflections series and the Dark Reflections Series) for just $55 which is more than 30% off of the normal retail price.

The funds collected via this project will go towards writing, editing, formatting and shipping a book that I've tentatively titled Found, and which I expect to be a novel length (70k-120k words) addition to the Reflections series.

Stretch Goals:

No great Kickstart Project is complete without stretch goals that really knock people's socks off, and I've put a ton of thought into how I want to reward backers if this project really takes off. Without further ado, here are the first few stretch goals (I've got a bunch more that I'll add in as we start achieving these stretch goals).

Stretch Goals
Stretch Goals

 $30,000 – I will upgrade everyone backing for $3.50 or more with a free digital copy of Stone Heart, the first book in my ground-breaking Compelled Chronicles series.

$35,000 – I will offer my editors a 50% premium over their normal fee if they can turn their edits around in two weeks rather than their normal 4-6 weeks. They may not accept, or may not succeed in the task, but this could potentially shave months off of the wait time for this book.

$40,000 – I will write a cross-over short story between my Reflections series and one of my other series and include it as an extra bonus for everyone backing at the $3.50 level or above.

$45,000 – Katie will create digital art that can be used as wall paper that will be a free download included for all backers at the $3.50 level and above.

$50,000 – I'll produce an audio book version of the book and include it as a free download for all backers at the $3.50 level and above.

$55,000 – I'll ask a couple of artists that I know to do additional art to be included as a free download for all backers at any level.

$60,000 – I'll write not just one, but two Reflections/Dark Reflections books (starting the 2nd book as soon as I have the rough draft for the 1st book done) and include the second book (in digital form) for all backers backing at the $7.00 and above level. (I'll create a new backer tier if this looks like it's about to happen).

Expected Timeline

Project Timeline
Project Timeline

**A few notes regarding the schedule. I estimate that it will take approximately 4 months of active work during the project to write and edit the book, do digital formatting, print formatting, print proofing, and take care of the fulfillment side of things. That means there is some downtime in this where I'm waiting to hear back from editors, or waiting for physical proofs to be printed off and sent to me. The current plan is for me to work on editing books from my dystopian A Broken World series during those blocks of time. If we manage to hit the stretch goal that includes me writing a second Reflections Universe book for inclusion as a reward on this project, it will be written during the downtime when I'm waiting on someone else for something. That means adding in a second book really shouldn't push back delivery of the first book much if at all, and the second book shouldn't be more than a month or two behind the first book as far as delivery to the backers goes.

In Conclusion

If you've made it this far down the page, then you're probably either a long-time reader of the Reflections Universe, or you're quite simply intrigued by this project—either way I'm thrilled you're still with me, and so I'm going to get right down to brass tacks. I need your help. It's really that simple. If we can't hit this funding goal then I'll have no choice but to go back to working an accounting job, and that will quite possibly be the end of the Reflections Universe.

If you're a long-time reader, or just someone who loves the idea of a series that is packed to the brim with romance and action, a series that can be enjoyed by teens and their parents at the same time, then please back me at whatever reward tier works best for you personally. If that's not something you can do, then help by spreading the word. Tell your reader friends/spouses/colleagues, talk about the project on your social media platform of choice, or otherwise make sure that as many people as possible come to this page and get a chance to decide for themselves if they are interested in backing me.

The sooner you pledge the more likely we are to hit whatever internal threshold Kickstarter uses to decide to promote the campaign on their website (thereby bringing in new readers to help support this and future Kickstarter projects in the Reflections Universe), and the more likely it is that I'll be able to continue writing.

Spread the Word!
Spread the Word!


Risks and challenges

I've tried to allow for plenty of slippage in the schedule so that I'll be able to deliver the various backer rewards on time. Historically I've been able to release books 7 months from the date that I finish the manuscript, but there are some added complications in this project because of the order fulfillment side of things and the additional editing I've put into place during my last few projects.

The second stretch goal, offering my editors additional compensation to turn the project around even more quickly than normal, will do a ton to speed the project along and further reduce this risk.

At this point, I've written, edited, formatted, and published 28 novels and I view the possibility of me not finishing the novel as being extremely small. I know what is involved and it has been a very long time since I sat down to write a novel and wasn't able to get the narrative started. When that does happen, I now have a hefty store of techniques with which to get myself writing again.

There is a decent chance that the final title of the novel will end up being something other than Found (I tend to try and hold off doing a title for my books until after I'm done with the rough draft, but I've put some thought into this on the front end and believe this will be a good match for the story I'm planning on writing).

There is also a chance that we'll end up using a different cover or that the book will end up focusing on a different part of the Reflections Universe than I'm currently planning on targeting. My current plan is to focus on Alec and Adri and resume the story with the events that take place immediately after Marked, but as I read back through the series and begin fleshing out the 'myth arc' I may find that there are other events—as told from the point of view of one of the other characters—that need to be covered first in order to make sure that the series continues to live up to its full potential.

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