Yoswit Smart Wall Switch
Yoswit Smart Wall Switch

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No Neutral Wire Dependency
Yoswit Wall Switch supports both with (3-Wire) or without neutral wire (2-Wire). It’s the patent pending technology. No re-wiring or re-decoration work is needed when you install Yoswit. It takes only a few minutes to replace the traditional wall switch by Yoswit and your smart home will be ready.




Use Mobile As Hub
Yoswit is the first company to launch the Mobile-As-Hub idea which allow you to reuse the spare mobile phone or pad as the central gateway for your smart devices. The idea has been patented and the solution is totally free for Yoswit products. Comparing to the expensive hub or router, the mobile as hub solution is more simple and flexible.




Extending the Signal Range through Building the Network
Yoswit uses its proprietary technology to build the mesh-like network. We are the first company who announce to use TI chips to build the mesh-like network. It’s stable and fast and we get total control of our solution. The more device you have, the longer range can be extended. We support maximum 64 devices within the network.




4 Common Sockets and Wide Range Voltage Support
Yoswit provides 4 common socket sizes for you to choose. Namely Socket 55, Socket 86, Socket 118, Sock 120. You can choose the replacement according to your current socket model. In addition, Yoswit supports wide range voltage from 100-240V.




23 Decorative Colors
Yoswit provides up to 23 colors for you to build a rainbow home. From plastic color to metallic color, there must be one suit your taste.






Router Free, Gateway Free, Setup Free
Yoswit uses Bluetooth technology. Our solution is as simple as you use your Bluetooth Handfree / Headphone. Each of the device can be direct control through your mobile phone. What’s more? Yoswit doesn’t requires any pairing procedure. You can simply open our App and our App can recognize the device automatically.  












































We have developed Yoswit for over two years. And now we come up with the 2nd generation Yoswit. It supports compatible wiring without neutral wire, remote control away from home and mesh network. We need your support to bring the idea to real live and take Yoswit to mass production.







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