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Bavarian Anthony Yoerg founded Minnesota’s first brewery in Saint Paul back in 1848, then a young, rambunctious riverboat town on the Mississippi River.  With it's heavy German population, Saint Paul would soon have 12 breweries over the next few years, but there was nothing else quite like the Yoerg Brewing Company.  The family produced a very unique Steam beer that was treasured all over the Midwest, but only available in Saint Paul.  The Yoerg's delivered their wooden kegs to the local saloons in horse-drawn carriages, and the beer was widely considered to be Minnesota’s finest brew for over 100 years. After World War II, tastes had changed, and Yoerg’s competitors cut costs and lightened their beer for the masses. But the Yoerg Brewing Company refused to compromise.  They produced their rich and malty steam lager until the day they closed their doors in 1952 because they just couldn’t compete anymore.  Well, we're happy to say Yoerg's Beer is back and utilizing the original pre-prohibition recipe.  Please check out our website at: www.yoergbeer.com


Carole Minogue and Thomas Keim are lifelong Saint Paul residents, and big fans of the history of their city.  Resurrecting Yoerg’s Beer has been a lifetime dream of Tom’s, who's been in the fine wine and craft beer industry for going on 40 years.  We now have brought Yoerg’s Beer back, and it’s receiving rave reviews. Our final goal is to resurrect a brewpub in honor of this great part of St Paul’s history, an old fashioned Bavarian-styled pub just like the ones your grandparents frequented 50 plus years ago. We'll be brewing our four benchmark beers year round (Steam Lager, Bock, Picnic Beer and Yoerg Strong) and dedicate four other tap handles to a constantly changing list of unique Bavarian specialties.


We have found the most magical place, just a couple blocks from where the original brewery once stood. Built in 1910 by the Schmidt Brewery as a “tied house”, and known as the Wabasha Bar for much of it’s life. With your help we are hoping it can now be the new home for the Yoerg Brewing Company.  It features a tall, classic tin paneled ceiling, a vintage terracotta floor, the original 45 foot art deco bar, and the building's owners are fastidiously renovating it to it’s original glory with the help of the Ramsey County Historical society. Even the beautiful murals painted on the walls in 1933 are being completely restored. There will be nothing else like it in the cities.  It will be like stepping back into history, with a splendid pre-prohibition beer in hand.


The money raised through this campaign will go towards buying a complete 3 barrel brewing system and all the necessary components that go with it like barrels, cleaning equipment and a complete cooler system for the cellar.  Also a portion of the proceeds will go towards furnishing the tasting room, outdoor patio and back bar as well as completely rebuilding the original antique cooling system under the art deco bar.  So remember, every beer you sample at our brewery will come from the equipment we purchased from your contribution here.     


We have an extensive list of rewards for this campaign, with some very unique, one of kind offerings.  If you have any questions about any of the rewards, please don't hesitate to e-mail us at thomas@yoergbeer.com.


The legend of  the Yoerg Brewery now lives again.  And It's not only the beer that will have that pre-prohibition flavor to it, but the menu as well.  You will be able to truly go back in time at the Yoerg Brewing Company.


We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to read this, watch our little film, and hopefully help us build what will instantly be Saint Paul's most unique and classic Brewery & pub. You can help us bring back a place and a brew that people will truly cherish and a piece of our shared history! Prost!


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