A brand-new kind of original advanced Turn-based Tactical RPG !!! 


<=> INSANE combo chains <=>

With totally new gameplay mechanics, each move you make is unique and will trigger a huge action chain in the heart of the melee.


<=> DEEPLY combinatorics trees <=>

A lot of possibilities of choices to play gives the most tacticals possibilities. This gives interesting and unique experiences at every play. This also give insane replay value.

<=> VAST army management <=>

Play with the bigger armies and recruit again to replace those poor souls who falls in battle. Manage class, skills, and formations. Create your own way to play.

<=> SIMPLE interface <=>

Simple rules and simple IHM makes this game beginner-friendly and easily playable on phones or computers, clear rules, low/non-existent randomness in choice of play ( your wins are really deserved ).


<=> MYRIAD ways to play <=>

New pixelarts units and combo are easy to add, as well as new sets of ruleplay. 

<=> ONLINE contents <=>

Exchange troops via action house, supervise your kingdom, declare war to other players....


<=> PERSISTANT Dark Fantasy World <=>

Fathom the limited ressources of a nightmarish realistic war epoch. Challenges await hearts abiding darkness !!

<=> CROSS-PLATFORM programmation in Java <=>

Global release on PC, Mac, Android, IOS, and consoles.

Site :  www.warchains.com

E-mail me at : admin@warchains.com 

Thank you

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