Yeti Mountain - The Three-Dimensional, Adventure Board Game
Yeti Mountain - The Three-Dimensional, Adventure Board Game

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Yeti Mountain is a board game for 2-4 players, inspired by the classic game, Fireball Island from the 1980's. Yeti Mountain is played on an unique 3D game board where players race against each other to be the first to capture the idol and escape the mountain. At any time, players can use cards to hinder opponents and help themselves. But watch out! An evil Yeti controls the mountain and tries to stop the players from stealing his idol. He rolls snowballs at players sending them back into snow pits, slowing them down. 

 Once you manage to steal the idol from the abominable Yeti, you now have to stop other players stealing the idol from you! Will you escape the mountain with the treasure or will you be left behind in the frantic race towards the finish?

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Yeti Mountain has many components; the one that stands out the most, is the beautifully designed, vacuum-formed, 3D game board. The board is still in the pre-production stage, we are finalizing the art for the board based on the numerous prototypes and feedback that we have recieved. Here are all the components that are included in a set of Yeti Mountain:


1x Unique Three-Dimensional, Vacuum-Formed Game Board 

1x Deck of 52, poker-sized playing cards with original art

1x Die

1x Rulebook

7x Snowballs (Blue Marbles)

4x Custom Eskimo Playing Pieces

1x 3-Piece Yeti

2x Bridges

1x Carrying bag to hold all of your pieces 

 All copies of the game ordered through Kickstarter are “Kickstarter Exclusive” editions of the game. That means you will get one original 11" X 17" art print of your choice, an exclusive “Ice-Blue” colored Yeti and a $10 discount off the recommended price!


Players take turns rolling the die and moving along the pathways toward the idol space (gold) near the Yeti. The first player to reach the idol captures it and then races toward the dog sled at the finish.

All the other players then chase the idol carrier trying to steal the idol for themselves. Throughout the game, players will gain new cards, that can be played at any time.

This is when Yeti Mountain's unique marble rolling mechanics come into play. When a 1 is rolled on the die, that player gets to take control of the Yeti and roll a snowball, trying to hit over other players, causing them to be sent to a snow pit.

While racing towards the dog sled, possession of the idol will change frequently throughout the game. The first player to reach the dog sled with the idol wins the game, leaving everyone else trapped on the mountain!

Want a more in-depth description of the rules? Click HERE for the full Yeti Mountain rulebook.

Average Play Time: 60-90 mins, Players: 2-4, Age: 8+ 


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