Yes, You Can Be Unique! Make Your Dress Great Again!
Yes, You Can Be Unique! Make Your Dress Great Again!

Yes, You Can Be Unique! Make Your Dress Great Again!

SecretBrand* proudly presents the solution for a problem that tormented humanity for at least 188 years.

Since the oldest of times, people wanted to be unique and differentiate themselves from others. Nobles were admired for their unique handmade dresses or costumes. Exquisite clothing often made the difference between nobility and common folk. The real power of these clothes was not the gold or embroidery, it was the scarcity, they were unique, and the person wearing them would stand out from the crowd.

Since the industrial revolution, we have had incredible benefits, making virtually unlimited copies based on one design. It could be phones or shoes or dresses, everyone can have these commodities, yet they are not unique. What we want to bring back is exactly this, UNIQUENESS.

So we arrive at the biggest problem in fashion.

The big problem. You just have to search Google for “same dress,” and you will see countless articles and TV segments about celebrities embarrass by identical dresses. Everyone wants to be unique when going to a party or event. Nothing ruins a great night more than seeing your dresses clone in front of you. Imagine how embarrassed you would be trying to avoid your look-a-like all night long.

Don’t despair. We have the answer.  SecretBrand* proudly presents the solution for a problem that tormented humanity for at least 188 years. A unique graphic design on a dress, skirt or blouse, tailored as the only one in the whole wide world. Is this possible? Yes!

 SecretBrand* urges you to forget about ordinary dresses made from pre-existing printed fabrics. These materials are produced in batches of 1000 to 1000000 sq.ft. Imagine how many clones can be created out of that material. How do you feel about your new dress now?

 How do we plan to do it?We are offering you the opportunity to create your design, artwork, either alone or with our help using the proprietary online editor. Even if you choose to do it yourself, we will help with adjustable templates and a handful of tools, so your imagination can run wild. If you don’t find yourself in a creative mood, but still want a unique dress right now, our designers upload their digital artworks all the time, all you have to do is choose.  When the design is finished, we take care of everything for you. The dress will be “ready to wear” and delivered at your door steps. Unique, just like you!

Secret Brand* will soon launch the Indiegogo campaign

Secret Brand* is pleased to announce the soon to start Indiegogo campaign. This fall, get ready to see a tectonic shift in fashion as SecretBrand* tries to shift the focus from many to one.

After more than three years of research developing both software and fashion design, Jon Barack, the founder, is ready to answer the century-old question.

 What do you do when someone has the same dress as you?

His answer will surely be "support us on Indiegogo and see for yourself." What he and his team of 30 people did is quite remarkable: they've managed to put up a system that makes it easy to get a unique full printed dress, online. This kind of print is indistinguishable from high quality printed materials used to make the clothes we already buy.

In case you missed it, the key word here is "Unique," every dress printed in their webshop is made in only one copy. The pattern/artwork that you buy will be yours. All this is made easy because Jon Barack created a beautiful, intuitive UX that needs just a few clicks from out part.

The preview in which they showed some future advanced options for the webshop was quite impressive. The most interesting feature is the ability to make your personal artworks, using some versatile tools that they've made. I mean, you can now literally be the designer for your own dress.

If anyone wants to know more about this project visit their site on or the social media pages for more information. Don't forget they need your help to get this project off the ground! Sign up to the email list and be the first to know when the campaign on Indiegogo starts.

SecretBrand* (*currently undisclosed brand luxury fashion)

Hint. Google it for “same dress”...

What do you think about this?

a. They just didn't realize that something like this can happen, embarrassing!
b. It was a marketing strategy to get people writing about them; it's all about the Buzz!
c. They don't have an alternative; you can't buy a unique dress.


Here is a 2-minute link to "How it works" video.

Here is another link with more information about this problem:



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