Yamakami Man/Dog Adventure Fashions
Yamakami Man/Dog Adventure Fashions



Japan has one of the oldest and most accomplished mountaineering cultures in the world. From the iconic specter of the 12,389 ft peak of Mt. Fuji, to Sukayu Onsen, the snowiest place on Earth, mountains have inspired the Japanese people for centuries.  Samurais fought in the mountains by day and wrote poetry about them at night, and Buddhist monks have retreated there to contemplate the nature of reality as well as breed the dogs that were their constant companions.  Today, Yamakami - or 'Mountain Spirit' - celebrates both the mountain culture of Japan and the joy of canine companionship with the world's first line of Man/Dog Adventure Fashion accessories.


All products are made from the highest quality mountaineering-grade ropes and materials, resulting in a line of accessories for you and your dog that are both rugged and stylish.  So whether you are exploring the mountains of Hokkaido or the urban jungles of the big city, you can sport the most functional and best looking collars, leashes, and belts available on the market today.

The story behind Yamakami began when 2 cousins - one living in Japan and the other in Colorado - began collaborating on a line of mountaineering accessories that complimented their love of exploring the outdoors with their dogs.  After creating a high quality line of belts, leashes, and collars intended to be stand alone products sold separately at outdoors shops and pet stores in Japan, the founders were surprised to receive numerous requests from people for a matching set of all 3 so that they could accessorize with their dogs.  

They realized that no one else in the world was creating a set of matching accessories for man and dog, and they moved to rebrand the company to meet that demand.  


Alpine Adventure Belt

This rugged and versatile alpine adventure belt has been designed to look fashionable while still being supremely tough.  Made from high quality climbing rope and harness webbing, it is flexible, durable, fast drying, and comes in a variety of color combinations. 

And it's endorsed by 3-time Nordic Combined Olympic Silver medalist Johnny Spillane! 



Traverse Leash & Yamakami Collar

These are the most fashionable and functional mountain leashes and collars in the world.  Made from the same quality of climbing rope that has helped 169 Japanese climbers summit Mt. Everest, the leash can be adjusted from 8 feet to 4 feet in length and has dual handles that allow you keep control of your dog in open spaces as well as the bustling crowds of the city.  The collar is easily adjustable to make the perfect fit for dog's of all sizes










 Matching Yamakami Man/Dog T-shirts



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