Xagia Wars - Magna Chapter
Xagia Wars - Magna Chapter

Hello guys!

We are NextHeaven Circle, an illustrator circle from Bandung, Indonesia. 
And with this, we present to you Xagia Wars Visual Novel Project!

Also worth mentioning, we are working together with Vifth Floor, the developer of Just Deserts. They're really awesome especially in pre-development phase, helping us to make this project come true.


Besides that, we also need your help! As we will gather funds mainly from Kickstarter, any helps that will increase its success is very appreciated.
We are looking forward to your feedback via comment section or facebook fanpage!
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Initial Goal: $9700

About Xagia Wars - Magna Chapter

  • Type      : Pure Visual Novel
  • Route    : 3 routes BxG
  • Genre    : School, Fantasy, Action
  • Choices : Major choices for plot branching
  • Platform : Steam (PC)

Magica is one of the two greatest gifts given to all of the creatures of the Earth by the all-loving Xagia. It was the gift which has enabled Humankind to free themselves from the bound of an evil God, who calls himself Cahos.

Cahos has birthed a number of Divinus to help him in fulfilling his desire to conquer the Earth. With a fell swoop, all those who dwell the surface of the Earth have bent their knees in front of the malevolent Cahos, until Xagia sent Leonhart, the Mystical Beast, to help Humankind in their struggle against Cahos with the powers of Magica. Eventually, victory was seized by Humankind, and Cahos was sealed into a crystal.

Even if the struggle was over, Xagia still allowed Humankind to borrow the power of Magica through Leonhart. This power provides amplitude of benefits for the well-being of Humankind, all over the earth. Born to those who can wield it naturally, this is not a power one can learn to be able to use it.

Magna, a majestic kingdom born of such a long struggle. This kingdom is the home for those who can wield Magica, and those who cannot as well. This kingdom thrives in prosperity, with all of its citizens living their daily lives fulfilled and in harmony.


Isaac, the main character of this story, is a youth who is a student of Magna Academy, the most prestigious school for those who can wield Magica. He lives his life with his loving parents, and dearest friends who love him. Until one day an incident happened, and turned his peaceful life upside-down. This incident turns out to be a part of a larger story waiting to unfold, and will not only affect his life.


This is not about Isaac
This is about the world… and Isaac is only a part of the prophecy…


Here are some previews for this project, including the core aspects of the game: story, concept arts, and sketches. We created it with the best of our abilities, and we hope you like it!

Work in proggress, the actual result may be differ in the final product


In summary, here is the rewards table on each pledge options:

We are a group of artists who love to draw digital arts, mostly fanarts. We’ve created and sold many kinds of fanart-based merchandise; artbooks, magazines, posters, badges, keychains, harisen (Japanese slapping paper fan), and many more!
As we grew more confident, we decided to create our own world and characters. Thus, we created our very first Visual Novel Project, Xagia Wars – Magna Chapter.
It is fun to design and develop something from scratch, and it is a whole new experience for us. As this is our first time, it also proves to be a challenge for us. But there is no hesitation in doing our best. With the assistance of Vifth Floor, we are confident in delivering the best outcome for this project.

Art Director: Aden Rohmana
Marketing: M. Iqbal Faruqi
Project Manager: Iqro SJ
Producer: Rudy Rachmawan Indrawanto
Writer: Loka S. Ratimaya
Sprite Artist, Character Designer: Chiiririn
Lead Artist, CG Artist: MysticSwordsman
Artists: AzalanzLazyremnantdaybreaks0Hiikarin25Eocore
Programming: froznkamui
Opening Song: Vesuvia.Ecky, iMochi
Proofreader, Translator: Ojupo Noskal

Cost Allocation
Because we develop this project from the scratch, we currently in need of funding for development and operational purposes. Because most of our project members are artists who must leave their commisioned work for this project, most of the funds will go to the team members. The rest will be allocated for the rewards and kickstarter portion. Here is the rough estimation of the cost break down:


We believe that kickstarter is the best place to showcase our work to the people who will support new player in the industry. We also think that it will be great if we can kickstart our business with the help of the community, rather than just ask 1 big investor to invest in our business, because we need the community to grow and improve ourselves to produce better games in the future.

Yes, we plan to have many greater projects in the future, collaborating with many undiscovered talents in creative industry. Unfortunately, creative industry in our country has not really developed yet, so most of the creative workers (such as illustrator and animator) choose to make something just as a hobby. If our kickstarter campaign is a success, it will bring confidence for our current team members and also for our future partners as well to bring you more amazing products.


When will you publish the kickstarter campaign?
Hopefuly we can start the kickstarter campaign this August.

When will you release the game in steam?
If the kickstarter campaign is proceeding smoothly, we hope to deliver the game in 10 months after funding.

How much will the game cost in steam?
We will set the price to no more than $10

What would you do if the kickstarter campaign fails?
If the campaign fails, we will restart the campaign again until we can achieve the quota. However we really hope to reach the required quota at the first attempt.

How is the progress so far?
Currently we're still at pre-development phase and still waiting for the funding. Despite of that, we tried to jumpstart the production process by slowly do the available tasks.
For the story progress, we are at the 50% mark.
As for the art and design, only around 5% have been finished.
However we are doing our best to do what we can do now, and we are really pumped to finish this project as soon as possible.

How long is the game?
Xagia Wars more or less will be a medium length visual novel, which would require around 10 to 30 hours of gameplay.

Why should i play Xagia wars?
Xagia Wars has a vast amount of stunning CGs, cute and moe design and beautiful visuals. The world in Xagia is packed with fantasy, action and wonderful things to explore. Throughout the story, you will get a rollercoaster ride of cheerful and happy moments, up to the most unexpected things that you could imagine.

Where can i contact this team?
You can directly contact us via our facebook fanpage here, or our project manager's personal email at iqro.sj@gmail.com.
Alternatively you could also contact us via vifthfloor at info@vifthfloor.moe

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