X-Flex Belt - Most Comfortable Belt Ever
X-Flex Belt - Most Comfortable Belt Ever

This project has already launched.

We wear a belt everyday. However, we sacrifice comfort in many situations by wearing a belt, especially while sitting which is a major pattern in our life today.

The X-Flex Belt is reinvented to solve this problem. It helps us to dress up in a formal way, and also provides extra comfort while seated due to the stretchable woven fabric structure in the back. The X-Flex belt is a revolutionized product serving the best of both worlds for people looking for comfort without sacrificing looks.

 X-Flex Belt created with woven construction and leather details, this belt allows for a durable wear and comfortable fit. The automatic buckle with no-hole strap offers a customizable fit, while the X-Flex stretch woven fabric and Automatic Buckle allows for unrestricted movement.

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