Our Vision:

We have a dream that everyone in this world can learn what they want to learn, we believe knowledge should be available for free or at the lowest cost possible that no one should hold themselves back just because they can't afford the price... 
We are working hard to bring the this platform for everyone ASAP where you can Learn and Teach... we like to encourage those, who are already giving trainings on any technologies or interested to give training, should step forward and let us know your are their to make this movement successful...


What we are doing:

The esapienz is an upcoming IT Training platform which will allow user to Create IT training Courses and learn IT courses here. We are convinced that anyone out there can teach or learn IT technologies and so we dedicated ourselves to building this platform which will introduce the world with IT in a unique way, here our goal is not only to allow users to learn IT technologies but also allow them to teach, what they learnt. So we say that anyone can learn, teach and earn here.

Here users will not only learn from training courses but also from communities, mentors and each other.

We believe one to one and Face to face interaction is really important apart from video training, so we allow user to choose their mentors and take private sessions from them online using video chat etc.


Our vision is not to just make a business but to become a movement of open expanding ecosystem that bring us all closer together and helps us move towards the world of IT where IT will be for everybody.




Here is our the login page www.esapienz.com
You may visit our site www.esapienz.com and subscribe and let us know your are intrested to give trainings or you like to take trainings by subscribe your email ID. Thanks for all your support.


Login Page:



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