WUBS Case Ltd Phase 1 - Join my concept to Prototype journey
WUBS Case Ltd Phase 1 - Join my concept to Prototype journey

This project has already launched.

WUBS case is a 100% Waterproof Universal Bluetooth Speaker (WUBS) Case.

WUBS Case Ltd is a startup company looking for backers to enable me to have the ready-to-market prototype built. I have the prototype manufacturer ready to go and the process should take less than 4 months if / when the backing is received. This stage includes the final design needed to choose materials and finish etc.

It is a ridiculously simple concept and the journey from prototype to market should be relatively easy.

Phase 1 = receive funds to finance the prototype build. If enough money is raised, I will also make a prototype for the deluxe model and have a professional video made).

Once Phase 1 is complete (if backing is received), I will then move on to Phase 2, which will be the manufacturing of the products and the creation of a professional e-commerce website.

Once the prototype is completed, I will be able to accurately price the products and create a firm timeline / frequency with the manufacturer.

As this Phase is to enable me to build a fully functioning prototype, all of the rewards I can offer will be unlimited with no expiry date and become very exciting at Phase 2, I look forward to you joining me on getting this concept to market.

It has been a hard few years solo, but I am excited to carry on this journey with some support from any backers.

I will be regularly updating my backers and keeping them in the loop of every aspect of this journey.

A little more about the concept...

It will securely hold ANY Smartphone, Tablet or similar media device, allowing you to watch movies etc. or listen to music whilst relaxing in the bath, shower, hot tub, pool, or anywhere...

Simply set up your playlist or movie and close the lid, then relax and enjoy.

It will be very affordable and come in a choice of colours, with powerful suction cups for secure attachment and a carry strap for mobility.

It will be available in 3 sizes...

Small: will hold any Smartphone.

Medium: will hold any Smartphone and small to medium sized Tablets.

Large: will hold any Smartphone and small to large sized Tablets.

The sizing guide would be available on the website.

It can be used as a holder or simply as a waterproof speaker. It can also keep your belongings dry at the beach or by the pool etc.

You can use it in the bath, shower, hot tub, pool etc. Whilst travelling, camping, skiing, snowboarding, fishing, at a festival, at the beach, on a boat, in a car / bus / train / aeroplane etc.

100% waterproof, dirt-proof, dust-proof = LIFE-PROOF.

There will be a deluxe version, featuring a more inbuilt / luxurious look, along with more speakers for a richer sound experience.


If my Phase 1 & 2 projects receive the backing required, I am also hoping to launch the following upgrades / products: A waterproof floating stand. A waterproof floating remote control, used in conjunction with an APP to have more control over your device (whilst it is in your case). A microphone for video calling etc. An adjustable / tilting stand for tile attachment (to allow you to position the case in any viewing position).

Early estimations are pointing at a retail price of £50-100 for the WUBS Case and £100-150 for the WUBS Case Deluxe (I am hoping the different size options will fall within these thresholds).

WUBS Cases are covered by registered designs and a patent pending.

Please feel free to contact me through the website and join me on this exciting journey.

Please note that the only official WUBS Case Ltd contact details, sites and pages are listed on the website.

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