Wovewood Baskets - Storage Worth Showing Off
Wovewood Baskets - Storage Worth Showing Off

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Beautiful, modern baskets & crates for your front room. Made in USA from high quality Baltic Birch. Assemble in seconds.

What is Wovewood?

Wovewood is a new way to furnish your home with beautiful + functional storage.


What is it? 

Wovewood is a basket made from 100% 5-ply baltic birch plywood, "woven" together with our innovative patent-pending joint system. 

This joint uses the natural properties of baltic birch to create a joint that can be assembled with your bare hands, and is remarkably sturdy once assembled. 

Baltic birch is lightweight and warm, yet also very strong and damage-resistant. For this reason it is used in high-quality modern furniture the world over.

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