World's First Premium High-Visibility Reflective Vest
World's First Premium High-Visibility Reflective Vest

This project has already launched.

Spectrum Ultra Sport offers the first premium high-visibility safety vests for motorcyclists, bicyclists, snowboarders, and skiers.

"This is high performance reflective vest and it’s exactly what is needed for the casual rider or commuter. In fact, I’d say for commuting, this type of vest is an absolute necessity."


"Anytime I go on a long trip, group rides or do any night time riding I’ll be taking it with me. It’s super lightweight and easy to wear over any jacket in your closet."


Why be visible?

"In 2014, 4,884 people were killed in pedestrian/motor vehicle crashes, more than 12 people every day of the year...there were 65,000 reported pedestrian injuries in 2014; nearly one injury every 8 minutes." - The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

"In 2014, 92,000 motorcyclists were injured...In 2013, motorcyclists were about 26 times more likely than passenger car occupants to die in a crash and five times more likely to be injured." -


Four years ago, Spectrum Ultra Sport started in San Francisco as a safety mechanism—a way for motorcyclists and bicyclists to prevent accidents and injuries when they are on the road by making them more visible. Of course ours aren't the only reflective vests on the market, but they are usually constructed at a much lower quality, aren't very reflective, and flat out look ugly. With our vests, this is a thing of the past. In your Spectrum Ultra Sport reflective vest not only will you be visible... You will be noticed.

We designed the Blitz Vest with you in mind, because we know you aren't made of steel. Every single year there are almost 5,000 people killed and 92,000 injured in motorcycle accidents in the United States alone—most due to poor visibility. Unfortunately this is the sad truth, and these statistics reflect the United States alone. Visibility is crucial when riding a motorcycle, bicycle, even walking or running. Our Blitz vest can help you avoid accidents on the road, and in your wardrobe.

We designed the vest to have unrivaled reflectivity, be extremely durable and lightweight, and also look stylish when worn. Unlike other reflective gear that uses glass beads, we utilize microprismatic technology to ensure maximum brightness. If you wear our Blitz vest, know that you are as visible as possible day and night, and you'll look great whether you're biking, motorcycling, or doing anything active.


Water Resistance.

The materials for the vest were chosen to be multi-purpose in order to benefit you the most. The 500D nylon combines with a waterproof polyurethane coating to prevent liquid from penetrating the fabric, and also keeps water from sticking around. This means your vest will stay dry and remain odor-free for much longer than other reflective vests. So don't worry about going out in the rain, or running into that cute barista, because we've got you covered.


The Blitz Vest is a premium, durable, ergonomic reflective vest: the first of its kind. This vest is made to be both durable and machine washable so you won’t need to worry if it gets roughed up a little. All of our vests are hand-stitched and made with the highest quality water-resistant nylon to ensure both dryness and resilience when it matters most.

Made with you in mind.

The open collar design won't rub against a helmet and allows space for your jacket collar. The sides have custom-fit Velcro tabs that adjust to anything from a t-shirt to a thick jacket. Even the zipper was chosen for ease of use, so keep your gloves on!

Visibility through angles.

Our vest is designed to promote both day and night visibility with edgy color combinations, commanding reflective wrap patterns, and hi-vis logos. The placement of the tape is not random -- each strip is oriented in such a way to slice at the viewers eye in order to promote maximum visibility.

The front, back, and sides of our vest feature angled micro-prismatic strips to ensure 360 degrees of eye-catching reflectivity in order to help keep you upright... and stylin'. The reflective strips used on the Blitz Vest meet and exceed the ANSI 107-2004 Level 2 and ANSI/ISEA 207-2006 standards for reflectivity. So, whether you are motorcycling, biking, skiing/snowboarding, or even walking, our vest will help keep you as visible (and, let's be honest, as sexy) as possible.


Every Blitz vest is made with the same quality of materials, and same type of reflective wrap. The only variable is the color of the vest, wrap, and logo. We wanted to stick to a simple color palette, with combinations that looked great and still provided unrivaled visibility. The design of each vest is intricate in itself: the reflective logos for silver striped vests are silver and the reflective logos for the yellow striped vests are white.

Unisex Sizing.

Sizes include: small, medium, and large (see sizing chart below). Please keep in mind that the sides have custom-fit side tabs that adjust in order to provide maximum comfort and size leeway.

Everything about the Blitz vest was made with you in mind. Lightweight yet durable fabric, with angled reflective stripes to insure ultimate visibility during the night and the day.

These vests weren't designed solely for bikes, scooters, and motorcycles, but also for hiking, skiing, snowboarding or any other sport where visibility matters!

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