World's First Ethically Produced Hand Painted Scarf Line
World's First Ethically Produced Hand Painted Scarf Line

This project has already launched.

Nokshi Crafts is proud to be the first to bring you ethically produced hand painted silk scarves in the world. At Nokshi Crafts, our passion for art and fashion as led us to create premium hand painted silk scarves meticulously crafted by skilled artisans in rural Bangladesh. We strive to create the finest hand-made silk garment, which means we produce our own silk. Our scarves are made from Rajshahi Silk, a pride of Bangladesh – known for its soft buttery feel and durability. Our scarves are made from most premium silk weighing 14 momme or higher. We not only produce a fine silk scarf but our scarves tell a story through the artwork on them. Our silk scarves are hand woven, hand-dyed and hand painted making each scarf unique and trendy, yet elegant and timeless.


Artisans are the heart and soul of the hand-made goods industry. The livelihood of these artisans depends on their access to markets. Without direct access to these markets, the sustainable livelihoods of these artisans are at risk. At Nokshi Crafts, through your support, we can ensure the sustainable livelihoods of artisans in rural communities. Ethical production means our artisans are paid fair wages and are not subject to adverse working conditions. Matter of fact, most of our artisans are able to work from the comfort of their own homes, while being able to take care of their families. Each employed artisan is able to support up to 8 members of their family. Through our mantra of social responsibility, we collaborate with these artisans to connect responsible consumers with ethically produced good on the world stage. Our goal is a provide a global platform for these artisans to connect…


Our commitment to environmental responsibility is also reflected in our choice of production techniques. Use of natural materials and hand-made production techniques means we do not rely on heavy machinery that use coal or electricity as source of power. Our production techniques also use very little water and produce minimal waste. This means our production process has minimal carbon footprint. We also use natural dyes made from vegetables. This significantly reduces the use of chemicals that are harmful to the health of the artisans and contaminate the eco-system.


Our Origins


I was always fascinated by the art of hand painting. My dream to infuse art and fashion led me to my journey that started early this year during my visit to Bangladesh. Bangladesh is internationally known as a powerhouse for manufacturing fashion. However, my exposure to both contemporary production environments versus hand-made production environments was an eye-opener. As a Bangladeshi born Canadian, my expedition to rural communities in Bangladesh has inspired me to provide the solution to a problem while achieving my dream. The potential of hand-made production is often overlooked due to the focus on fast fashion where unfair wages, adverse working conditions, environmental pollution, excessive use of water and creation of waste is often the consequence.


I have thoroughly enjoyed exploring and watching artisans create fine silk garments using centuries old techniques that are socially and environmentally sustainable. Through this journey, I was moved by the meticulous craftsmanship of these artisans in creating fine pieces of art. Having experienced this, my instinct was to empower these artisans to help them do what they do best, which would provide them with sustainable livelihoods, and showcase to the world that an alternative production environment that is socially and environmentally sustainable is within reach. As I started to connect the dots, Nokshi Crafts was born.


Initially, our collection will include two product lines. The first one is our hand-dyed batik silk scarf. Batik is art of hand stamping intricate patterns on a garment. Our batik scarves are hand-dyed using eco-friendly vegetable dyes. As a start, we are offering our hand-dyed scarfs in a combination of five different colours and five designs that you can choose from.


The second line is the most exclusive and rare collection on the market. We are super excited to bring our hand-painted silk scarves. We’re very proud to produce the first collection of its kind. Each hand-painted silk scarf is painted by single artists from start to finish, providing a human touch that is exclusive and rare. Our talented artists are able to tell a story through this personal touch. Each of these scarves is a unique piece of art, and wearing them, absolutely elevates fashion.


We not only pride ourselves as a premium ethical fashion brand, but our focus is equally on producing innovative designs to stay current and trendy. Through an established business we plan to expand our product line with innovative themes and designs for every season.


Why Kickstarter?


With your help and support, we can create a responsible consumer base to ensure steady demand for our products. Creating sufficient order quantities will allow us to retain a team of skilled and talented artisans who can focus on their task instead of worrying about making ends meet. Through your commitment, we can ensure that these artisans have steady incomes, which will create incentives for them to be more involved and empowered. And of course, as our mantra goes, we hope to scale up and expand production to steadily create more opportunities to support more artisans.


With a successful campaign, we intend to deliver to our Kickstarter backers, but also use Kickstarter funds to carry inventory for future orders placed through our website – This will significantly reduce delays caused by weaving, dying, and painting and shipping our products. Our plan is to provide a seamless supply of products, to best meet demands at all times. Therefore, Kickstarter is instrumental to our success.






Risks and challenges


Our timelines above reflect the range of production time that may be required depending on the demand created by the campaign. Scaling up the production requires more manpower.


We strive to produce the highest quality goods, but maintaining consistency in quality control for hand-made goods will require close attention. Our commitment to high quality will be ensured through our quality control techniques.


To overcome delays in production and logistics, we will carry inventory to meet demands at all times. There will also be costs associated to carrying and managing inventory, as well as managing an e-commerce website.


Holiday Gifts


Since we’re unable to ship our products to you in time for the holiday season, we’re offering an option to designate any portion of your reward as a gift. We’ll send an email to anyone you like, on a date of your choice, between the end of the campaign through the holiday season letting them know you’ve given them our products as a holiday gift. Please email us if you would like to send gifts to multiple recipients. We’ll also update your recipients regarding product delivery timelines.

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