World's First Ergonomic Pet Carrier
World's First Ergonomic Pet Carrier


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7 Reasons To Use WAUL Pet Carrier:

  -Futuristic design
  -Built-in toy
  -Blanket included 
  -Non-toxic, non-allergic plastic
  -Top loading door 
  -Great all-round ventilation

It's good but why should I get your carrier?
      The majority of plastic carriers looks like a jail with bars and it is hard to transport that bulky box outdoor. Also, it's hard to imagine standard pet carrier in a restaurant or some other public places.
      WAUL was born with the vision to improve the quality of pets' transportation around the world. WAUL is the world's first ergonomic carrier. This is unforgettable using experience as for you as for your pet. Every element presents the thoughtful construction of pet luxury transport. Have you ever seen something similar in this area? We believe – not.

Ok, but I can pick a lot of stylish bags or backpacks for that
       Yes, you can. If you need a hard side carrier you would like our carrier more then others.

Why hard side carrier?

       Such carrier is easier to clean if your cat has an accident. It's stronger and a better option for cats and dogs that hate being in a carrier and try to claw or chew their way out.

        We can assure you, that this carrier is absolutely new and unique on the market. Be careful, you will get a lot of attention from other people :)

Let's see all the details, shall we:

the thoughtful, innovative design was inspired by the transport of the future. The concept was developed by two designers over 3 months to find out the right form and color.

Built-in Toy: imitates pilot dashboard in a cockpit and entertains your pet during the trips.  Peek-a-boo track design allows your pet to see, chase and swat the ball. Swirl patterned ball's special color combination specifically designed to catch and attract cat's attention.

Ergonomics: we’ve constructed a carrier for your comfort. The curved body helps you move freely and it does not cling to your leg. Shaped form is an ideal for seat belts.

Top loading door: with wide opening and secure latch makes loading & unloading your pet twice as easy and quickly!  Easy entry helps promote a less stressful experience - for both you and your pet. It offers strength, security, and visibility, along with plenty of ventilation. Once the pet is safely inside, a handle on the top allows for easy, one-handed carrying.

Materials: We use non-toxic, non-allergenic plastic. Our team went through multiple iterations for choosing the most safe and durable material while keeping pets in mind. It includes a soft cozy pet mat that's removable and machine washable.

Product dimensions:  22.8" L x 11.8" W x 12.5" H in   //   58 L x 30 W x 32 H cm
Carrier weight: 3.8 pounds // 1,7 kg fits pets up to 22 pounds // 10 kg

Do you offer other sizes / colors than the one shown?

Eventually, we will! For now, we offer only the size and color as shown (slight color variations are possible). But we have big plans to expand our product line to include additional colors and sizes soon!

Is the WAUL carrier safe for pets?

All materials used for the WAUL have been meticulously selected. We use non-toxic plastic. Our team went through multiple iterations for choosing the most safe and durable material while keeping pets in mind.


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