World's First AI based Programmable Robot
World's First AI based Programmable Robot

Meet Prince: - "The Cute master controller for your home."

 Prince Robot is an Interactive programmable Social Robot which can talk, listen and see. This master mind is a Moving Computer Gadget that is micromanaged while designing and is borne inside, the power to help in daily activities.


Prince as an AI based Robotic Computer:

 Prince is an AI(Artificial Intelligence) based Robotic Computer - best platform to practice AI/Embedded system Computing/Image Processing/Vision, Speech processing and Speech Recognition.   

    It has got inbuilt MCU(Micro Controller Unit) with thro which a user can connect - peripherals/even gadgets and program using our API's(Application Programming Interface).

    It is communicable with local Gadgets/Robots through Master Slave Architecture and with Remote Gadgets/Robot through IOT.

    Unlike other programmable Robots, programming prince is damn easy; it is just like programming a normal PC.

      Prince has CPU with 3 USB Ports, HDMI, WIFI, Bluetooth and Ethernet along with Motors for head, neck, hands, LEDs for eyes. Cameras for see, MIC to hear and loud speakers for speech. when ever user want to program they  can connect external devices such as Keyboard/Mouse thro USB Ports and Connect Display to HMDI Port and Start writing their own application(Dream come true for most programmers).


 User can code and learn C/C++/Python/OpenCV/SimpleCV languages on Linux Platform;


    It has got inbuilt MCU thro which a user can connect – extended Electronics peripherals/even gadgets and program it thro 40 GPIO. 

       Prince as an AI Computer is the best platform to learn AI/Embedded system Computing/Image Processing/Vision, Speech processing and Speech Recognition.

     User can connect external devices such as Keyboard/Mouse thro USB Ports and Connect Display to HMDI Port and Start coding their own application.

API Reference:

       analogread(Pin_No) - This API returns 10 bit digital data of range (0-1023) from the analog input interfaced.

         PIN_NO = 1 to 8;

       analogwrite(Pin_No, Value) - This API set the following pin to provide an 8-bit PWM output of range (0-255)

          PIN_No = 1 to 4 ; Value = 0 to 255

       digitalread(Pin_No) - This API reads the state of the PIN and returns 0(Low State)  or 1 ( High state) from the digital input interfaced.

          PIN_No = 1 to 16

       digitalwrite(Pin_No,State) - This API sets the following pin as output either 0 (Low) or 1 (High) based on the value of State.

           PIN_No = 1 to 16 ; state = ( 0 or 1)

       servo(Motor_No,Position) - The API set the motor to the corresponding Poistion specified of range (0-180) degrees.

          Motor_No = (1 to 4); Position = (0 to 180)

          Motor 1 = Neck, Motor 2 = Head, Motor 3 = Right Hand, Motor 4 = Left Hand

Application that Prince can do:


Security and Surveillance:

With increasing number of fraudulent activities in an around our living hood, it has become a necessity to appoint a security guard for our home. However, this becomes expensive. PRINCE has a solution to this! He is designed with an inbuilt Camera that will constantly monitor your residence and sends alert in case of finding any such fraudulent issue. The alert is sent in the form of Video/Pictures that will be delivered to the e-mail account that you prefer.

Home Automation:

     PRINCE is designed to make mans work effortless. It monitors and Control - AC Appliances at home enabling its automatic operation at the time of need. It achieves this operation through Automatic / Manual Control thro IOT.

 Entertainment and Teaching Robot:

   Load a playlist of your favorite MP3 songs and PRINCE will make it his personal favorite too. It can play MP3 Songs and tap dance moves while you enjoy your song or watch movie.

  PRINCE the best learning partner!! Kids reciprocate and learn things that they hear easily. PRINCE is designed to impart easier learning through its feature for the next generation. It can teach Rhymes and Morals by reciting them in their way hence making learning easy and fun.

Open Source Model:    

We have already made close to 25 application and we ll be sharing it our page; to promote it and code will be shared; in github repository. Any one can access it and make your own application and test it. We will release best stable version once in a month. User will experience a new version of Prince Robot each time they update.

 Master Slave Architecture:

     Designed to Build Complicated Application through Master-Slave Architecture
PRINCE can clean, automate or perform complicated works that involve physical manpower such as maintaining an overgrown Lawn. It is achieved by monitoring the environment thro Camera which acts like a master that can guide the associated slave Robot thro Bluetooth to accomplish the needful task.

i ) Prince the Master

PRINCE has go Linux OS running in it, we can code intelligence into it. Also Bluetooth/RF/GSM device can be connected to command Slave Robots. Devices that can be added as a slave robot are listed below

ii) Slave Robot Series

These Robots will have little Microcontroller with firmware running inside wating for commands from master (i.e) PRINCE.

1. Vacuum Cleaner  - Slave S
2. Electrical Devices  - Slave E
3. Lawn Cutter  - Slave G
4. Cooking Machine - Slave C

Efficient Cleaning Process - A typical Example

 PRINCE will monitor dust inside your home and if it is detected, a Bluetooth support is utilized to assist Vacuum Cleaner (Slave S Robot) and initiates it operation. The slave robot later reports to PRINCE.

Cleaning Process thro Master Slave Architecture:



  Features of Prince Robot:



Prince In a Nutshell:

1) Prince is an AI based Robotic Computer: With Artificial Intelligence, it can nurture the operation of Electrical appliance in an efficient way. It is a Linux based Robotic Computer with AI Apps; user can learn advanced technologies and make interesting innovations.

2) PRINCE is a social robot: Designed for Surveillance, Automation, Cleaning, Teaching and Entertainment

3) Prince is an Open Source Robot: User can design customized PCB and interface it with 40 PIN GPIO which provides user the freedom to design unlimited Hardware and software applications thro Open Source Community.

Future Road Map:

Incorporating embedded technology, PRINCE is aimed at extending its service to more embedded applications.

Many more Robots (Slave robots) are in line to allow PRINCE indulge and take over more activities that customers need a helping hand in.

 Who can buy Prince?

    1) Robot Lover: If you are Robot Lover; this is the Robot you should not miss out. It is cute, it is easy to use and in a end less time frame you will be finding new improvement in Software to make it more intelligent and interactive.

     2) Students/Hobbist/Professionals in IT industry: Prince is a fantasy come true for Students. You can code and play with it. It is easy at the same time, it is a powerful tool. Professionals can explore a lot on AI and Embedded Computing.

     3) Educational Institutes: Prince is an open source Robot, We designed Prince for the Research work. Prince will let students to see the output in terms of movement, speech and vision. Students can identify their hidden potential. Prince is a perfect platform for science students to identify their talents and plan the higher studies.

PRINCE – the robotic computer is sure to impact Consumer Robotics with its wide applications and service. It will be your best pet, personal assistant and an interactive computer. Follow us to get more updates on the master. Also, you will find PRINCE in crowd funding platform ( for 249 USD for super early bird offer. Be the first one to grab it. 

PRINCE is born and nurtured to excellence at EPRLABs, a startup company in Chennai, INDIA.                                              



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