World of WoodChi - Holiday Coloring Collection
World of WoodChi - Holiday Coloring Collection

This project has already launched.

Welcome to the World of WoodChi

Stay for a little or for a long while, whatever your mood you’ll leave with a smile! A place for adventure and good clean fun, magic and mischief rolled into one. So, if you look closely and take time you’ll see how very Big a Little World can be.

What in the World is WoodChi?

A fair question that deserves a fair explanation. WoodChi can only be described as a conjuration flowing and teaming with life. Creator, artist, and dreamweaver Lloyd Ash Pyne has given us the esteemed privilege of being able to share with you the wealth of wonders that await in this microcosmic universe of his making. 

A place where high spirits abound, you will find the wee folk that ride on the currents of wind and rolling seas, from mountain peaks and hillsides, to distant valleys and rugged plains, through marsh and moors. Down winding roads and forgotten paths that lead through wildful woods.

Hark, the Bells are Ringing, Good Wishes They are Bringing!

To introduce you to this whimsical new world, we are offering two fully colorable gift sets. Each set will include 4 gift tags and 1 bookmark complete with the ©WoodChi original designs. Perfect for a pollyanna or stocking stuffer. You can even use them to decorate.

Get out your colored pencils and markers and get ready to enter the World of WoodChi!

 Totally Giftable Gift Sets

Choose from the following color-ready gift sets:

For a pledge of $7 or more-

Hearthsgiving Holiday Gift Set - This set coincides with our own Christmas/Yuletide holiday celebration. 

Set includes:  

  • 4 gift tags, each measuring 3.25" x 2.5" (8.25 cm x 6.35 cm); 
  • 1 bookmark, measuring 6.5" x 2.5" (16.51 cm x 6.35 cm); 
  • Printed on heavy linen textured cardstock; 
  • Hole punched to decorate with your favorite ribbon or tie.

Celebration of the Seasons Gift Set - This set commemorates four WoodChi seasonal celebrations, which also happen to coincide with some of our own.

Set includes:

4 gift tags, each measuring 3.25" x 2.5" (8.25 cm x 6.35 cm);
1 bookmark, measuring 6.5" x 2.5" (16.51 cm x 6.35 cm);
Printed on heavy linen textured cardstock;
Hole punched to decorate with your favorite ribbon or tie.

For a pledge of $12 or more-

Annual WoodChi Deluxe Gift Set - This set includes both the Hearthsgiving Holiday and Celebration of the Seasons Gift Sets.

Deluxe Set Includes:  

  • 8 gift tags, each measuring 3.25" x 2.5" (8.25 cm x 6.35 cm); 
  • 2 bookmarks, measuring 6.5" x 2.5" (16.51 cm x 6.35 cm); 
  •  Printed on heavy linen textured cardstock; 
  •  Hole punched to decorate with your favorite ribbon or tie.

Who is Lloyd Ash Pyne?

Now we might be a bit biased here, but we can honestly say that Lloyd is one of the brightest, creative and imaginative individuals we have been privileged to become acquainted with. A Miyazaki flair with a British air and good table manners too = )

If Lloyd had been living in the times of Tolkien and Lewis, his works would be adored and loved as theirs is today. Lloyd has totally original characters, ideas, and worlds of wonder built in his mind. He is thus pretty much an undiscovered prodigy. We invite you to see his world and checkout what could be something that could brighten your life if just a little more than it is now.

Why Kickstarter?

To introduce you to the World of WoodChi, and to raise money to produce more products in this line. Any money raised through this Kickstarter will be put towards our WoodChi 2018 coloring book. Our pledge goal is $300. If we reach that, we'll add a brand new gift set that Lloyd is currently working on. The more support we receive the more products we'll be able to produce. We've got a ton of ideas, but we need your support. Please help us spread the word about this fantastic new world! Tell friends, family, co-workers, and anyone who might enjoy a coloring adventure. 

Who are We? 

Playing Grounded, Ltd. is composed of husband and wife team, Eric and Lara Andersen. Primarily a specialty art jigsaw puzzle company, we are also creating a line of coloring books, gift tags, and greeting cards.

We're very fortunate to have this opportunity to work with Lloyd to bring his magnificent and wondrous works of art to the Kickstarter community and the coloring world. Working one-on-one with artists to create a finished product that is attractive, high quality and that they can be proud of is extremely rewarding for us. We enjoy the journey, where ever the rocky roads and winding paths may lead.

Thanks for joining along!

Ready to Ship

You can see here that the WoodChi gift tags and bookmarks are printed and ready to ship. Each gift set will be packaged in a clear self-adhesive cello sleeve and mailed in a kraft envelope. 

With the success of this Kickstarter we will start shipping rewards out immediately with the goal of getting everyone their gift sets by the holidays.

Thanks so much for your support!

Risks and challenges

There aren't many risks and challenges. We have the final tags and bookmarks. They are ready to ship. We're handling fulfillment from our location in the US, so the only problems that might occur is packages getting lost in the mail. We'll deal with those on a case by case basis.


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