World Building and Spirit Journey's
World Building and Spirit Journey's

Like characters settings need depth to strike a cord with readers and fire their imaginations.

So when creating a magical world filled with strange creatures its not just a matter of creating rules, its about creating emotions. It's about understanding how your characters and the people around them would interact with the magical world in which they live. This is what makes creating a large fantasy world so challenging. There is, however, a massive open source fantasy world which is hundreds of times larger than anything any author has ever created. It is the fantasy world which has inspired nearly every author who has ever created an extensive world. From Forgotten Realms, to J.R.R Tolkien's Middle Earth. It's a Fantasy world which extends across thousands of miles, and is filled with thousands of cultures, millions of monsters, and more fickle gods than you could ever remember.

This is the fantasy world of folk lore and fairy tales, a world based on thousands of histories and cultures. From the fairy refugees turned deities of Ireland that forever threaten to swallow human civilization, to the cities of Northern Italy which forever live in the shadow of dragon filled mountains and mafia like merchant families. Our world and it's folk lore was created by billions of people over thousands of years, so no one person can make a larger, more extensive world.

For thousands of years people have thought about how to survive in a magical world, because they believed that they lived in one, and the told stories about it. In fact folk religion itself is primarily about building a relationship with magical forces and spirits. That is why folktales and lore are can be the best place to start understanding fantasy settings.

When I talk of drawing inspiration from folktales in this book, I'm not talking about creating adaptations such as we see with countless Disney Films or movies like “Snow White and the Huntsmen.” Rather I'm referring to drawing inspiration to create a unique world, such as how Tolkien drew inspiration from legends, folktales and folk life to create Middle Earth.


Sprit Worlds

Our world is an illusion, one created by a spirit worlds and fairy realms which wish to remain secret. There are, however, some few who can burst into the real world of spirits and dreams to steal inspiration from the fairies, retrieve lost souls, and most importantly defend humanity from the reality of our universe. This workbook will guide you not only to understand the spirit world, but to create your own spirit worlds based on the folk tales people once told about these lands.

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