World’s 1st Smart Sensing Technology Earbuds
World’s 1st Smart Sensing Technology Earbuds

What are SenCbuds?

SenCbuds are sensor-based earbuds that automatically play or pause music when put into or taken out of your ear. Instead of having to pull out your smartphone to control your music while you’re in the middle of something, you can rely on SenCbuds to intuitively do it for you! Whether you’re running at the gym, concentrating on work or your attention is held elsewhere, SenCbuds offer an intuitive solution to an everyday problem!


Compact and streamlined, while remaining stylish and comfortable, SenCbuds are indistinguishable from regular earbuds in the way they look, but unparalleled in their function and performance!

How do they work?

Traditional earbuds have always relied on buttons—without pressing pause or play, earbuds have no independent function! SenCbuds, on the other hand, are innovative and intuitive, responding to actions to play music or answer incoming calls naturally.

It’s called Smart Sense Technology (SST)—and it powers the future of intuitive listening.

A small sensor, embedded in the earbud, is used to trigger audio cues. When you put SenCbuds in your ears, the sensor triggers playback; when you remove them, the sensor stops the audio. Its as simple as that! This dynamic function happens instantly and because of the intelligent design of the earbuds themselves, miscues are virtually eliminated!


The full package

SenCbuds feature more than just innovative, new technology: they’re a full audio experience for people who take their music seriously. Some of the other great features SenCbuds offer include:

· A convenient cable holder and remote component that houses the earbuds and enables manual playback controls for changing music, answering calls and more!

· An Android/iOS switch, which allows seamless use of SenCbuds between any mobile platforms.

· A “do not disturb” function that includes an LED, to let everyone know you’re listening intently.

SenCbuds also take your listening experience to the next level with state-of-the-art compact speaker technology and superior construction. They’re the full package, no matter what your audio preferences are.

Why back SenCbuds?

SenCbuds offer a next-gen solution for a problem we’ve all experienced. Whether you’ve often got your hands full and are unable to hit pause/play, or you’re just looking for a playback solution that’s smart enough to anticipate your needs, SenCbuds are the answer.

Because they’re stylishly designed for next-gen earbud wearers and feature intuitive Smart Sense Technology (SST), SenCbuds can be easily adopted with little to no education required, making them much more likely to succeed within the current market. Even a child can use SenCbuds!

With your help to fund a working production prototype, we can continue to tune and refine our concept even further, to bring SenCbuds to market and to the masses!

Risks and Challenges

There are inherent risks to any tech-based project, SenCbuds being no exception. Our biggest challenge will be in finding a manufacturer that can work in partnership with us to formulate a prototype design, tweak that design and help us bring a final product to market. Luckily, we’ve started the search for this manufacturer already, to get a head start on the process by developing a sound relationship early on.

Another of our challenges is also in the nature of SenCbuds’ design. The sensor to play and pause music when put in and taken out of a person’s ear is very delicate—we’ve worked to fine tune this sensor to prevent “misfires,” and we’re continually invested in improving it further, to create an instantaneous and seamless listening experience. As the design of SenCbuds continues to innovate in the future, so must the sensor that powers this concept.

Our goal has and will continue to be addressing the development stages of SenCbuds proactively. By realizing needs before they arise, planning ahead several steps at a time and accounting for all variables, we’re staying ahead of the project curve, even when the curve is steep!


When will I receive my pledge perks?

Our goal is to process and ship all pledge perks within six months of being funded. This will allow us time to make sure everything is in order, that we have all necessary materials in-hand and that the products we’re sending out to our backers are the best products possible.

What devices are SenCbuds compatible with?

Thanks to the handy iOS/Android switch that SenCbuds are built with, you can use them with virtually any smartphone, tablet or laptop. Just plug SenCbuds into your device, flip the switch to the appropriate platform and enjoy!

Do SenCbuds come with a warranty?

Yep! SenCbuds will come with a standard 1-year warranty against any defects or malfunctions. The warranty will not cover misuse or user-inflicted damages, such as modifications, however.

What’s all included in the box?

SenCbuds will come with the following: (1) pair of earbuds, (1) cord housing component, (1) pair of silicone cap replacements for earbuds, and (1) set of instructions.

What is the battery life per charge cycle?

SenCbuds were designed to last more than two weeks on a single battery charge! In our initial stages of testing, we’ve experienced battery lifespans up to 17 days with light to moderate use—we anticipate over two weeks with regular use.

When the battery is low/dead, will the earbuds still work?

Absolutely! When the battery is low or dead on SenCbuds, they revert to being regular earbuds! The sensor will not detect your motions when the battery is dead, but you can manually press pause and play to listen to your audio.

How do I charge my SenCbuds?

There is a USB charging port built into the housing frame of the cord coil. All you need to charge your SenCbuds is a USB adapter that plugs into any power source (included)!

How does the sound quality of SenCbuds stack up to other earbuds?

SenCbuds were designed to be more than just intuitive—they’re also meant to be a quality choice for audio of all types. As a result, we’ve designed SenCbuds to be a superior choice to traditional earbuds in terms of audio quality. The specifications for SenCbuds include: 9MM drives, sensitivity to 98DB, an impedance of 16oΩ and a frequency range of 5kHz to 25kHz.

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