WoolWalker Felt Shoes with Endless Modifying Possibilities
WoolWalker Felt Shoes with Endless Modifying Possibilities



WoolWalker is custom handmade to order felt wool shoes that modifying possibilities are endless. Create your own wool shoes.  We make you want to never wear the other kind 

WoolWalkers are completely customisable. Don’t be restricted by limited shoe style and shape, upper / inner colour options and rubber sole colours. Design the pair of felt shoes you’ve always wanted. 

Featured on TRENDHUNTER on 25th of March

Custom handmade in all sizes for Women and Men. Also for Kids.

Where do I get them to wear?!
Wear more, No need to wash! The natural wool is naturally odor-resistant.
For Indoors and Out - with non slip durable rubber sole. 

You can wear them all year round.  WoolWalkers are got natural climate control—which means the felt shoes will warm you when you’re cold, and cool you when things get hot. 



Don't be surprised by answering the questions ten times a day: "Where did you get these?"


Let's share the Warmth!

Based in Vilnius, Lithuania (Europe), WoolWalker offers felt footwear handmade from 100% pure natural wool with love and positive minds.
The wool artist Dovile Sirmulyte is a founder, designer and maker of all this fashionable patchwork :)



WoolWalker: Modifying possibilities are endless

At First, you can choose the pure wool for the inner and outer color. Or simply select the solid one.



WoolWalker: Mix and Match the color of the rubber sole
Choose from: black, yellow, red, blue, aqua green, pink, white, grey, light blue color rubber sole.  WoolWalker also offers the cork sole.




Add more personalization - Tell us what kind of an additional signature you would like to add on WoolWalkers. Everything is possible from a logo of your company to your personal signature, from a small floral pins,  to the bunny miniature, from your Dad's name to your favorite beats of music. 



WoolWalker: The Environmental responsibility - in the making process we do not use any machines. Only 100% handmade. All our products are handmade in Lithuania, creating jobs in a local and national economy. 


As seen on E! Entertainment Television on 14th of March, 2014.




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