Wools. Footwear Perfected.
Wools. Footwear Perfected.

This project has already launched.

Thank you for visiting our page. Being a couple of women that wear all types of shoes, we found that we were always faced with a choice between comfort and style: the good-looking shoes hurt our feet and the comfortable shoes looked like, well, comfortable shoes.

We decided to create our own line of footwear that looks great, fits perfectly and is ethically sound. The result of our efforts is Wools - footwear that benefits from one of nature's most amazing material.

 Our brand was created for people who want to look stylish but do not want to sacrifice comfort. Whether you are running errands, attending an event or sitting through meetings, our footwear will help you accomplish what you planned for the day.

WOOLS footwear brings together: design, fashion, function and being a voice for animals. Made of 100% wool with rubber soles, Wools footwear is made with simplicity, durability and comfort in mind. During the felting process, the natural woolen fibers shrink and entangle very tightly and firmly, making the shoes perfectly insulated and form fitting. These strong, natural fibers regulate temperature, keeping your feet warm without overheating in milder temperatures.

Wools footwear is designed to allow you to accomplish your things without ever worrying about the comfort and look of your shoes, while fulfilling a higher cause.

Your feet deserve the right shoes, shoes that look great, last for ages and fit perfectly. This has been the driving force behind WOOLS. When creating and developing our footwear, we wanted to bring people an ethically sourced shoe that would be durable and able to regulate temperature in any weather condition.

We were inspired by pressed wool as the material that would check all the boxes because wool is a true masterpiece of nature. Here is why:

Here, on Kickstarter, we invite you to be among first people buying WOOLS at a discounted price. Give it a try - and you will see what we mean when we call these shoes the "perfect footwear" that your feet deserve.

We truly appreciate your help and, of course, you can help us by backing our project. You, as our backer are at the heart of our success and growth. We would like to ask you to please share our story and our project with your friends and relatives. Simply click on one of the “share” buttons on the top of this page or visit us on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter to like and to follow us to stay tuned with our progress!

 As much as we believe in hard work and dedication, we also believe that we would never be able to build our product and company without sincere help of our friends and family. Special "thanks" goes to:

Paul Romero for all the awesome advice and willingness to be here for us at all times!

Jon Walsh for the amazing advice and tremendous help.

Ross Aidun for the incredible photos, videos and gracious help with other company aspects.

Claire Andrew for the amazing acting skills and support.

Daria Grave for being a great friend, supporter and actress.

Stephanie Nelson, Julia North and James Bardakjian for incredible modelling and acting talent.

Tessa (@tess) and Conor (@shootingsomething) for most beautiful commercial and pictures.


Risks and challenges

We, at WOOLS are fully prepared to launch and take on any difficulties that we might face. Our idea is to soon be funded enough to create a fully customized shoe where you, our customer, can choose style, wool color, outer sole color, various laces, and more. However, to get to this point, we need to show our customers the quality of our product to ensure that there is no better choice of footwear possible. Then, we will be able to move forward and reach all of our milestones.
We are prepared and ready to handle challenges that could come up on our way such as manufacturing and shipping delays. We will make sure to always be in contact with our backers to update them on our progress.

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