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We present WOOLF!!! The only wristband in the world for real bikers. Never again worry about watching out for speed cameras or other measurement devices – WOOLF will do it for you.

Woolf has been carefully designed with attention to biker clothing. It’s made from high quality, water-resistant leather and is practical, slim and comfortable, even under close-fitting gloves.

"WOOLF is cheaper than the minimum penalty"

"Crowdfunding is not a donation, you'll get your WOOLF if we reach our funding goal, otherwise you'll have your money back"


Our testing team is rocking!!! Federico, Giuliano, Alessandro and their ladies are melting the road to make WOOLF your best mate


Our app takes advantage of the leading technology in global mapping and an ability to measure speed and other data to bring you the highest level of accuracy and constant updates ( http://www.scdb.info/en/ ). The closer you come to a speed-controlled zone, the more frequent the wristband's vibrations become, helping you to reach the exact right speed.

WOOLF pairs with your smartphone (available for iOS and Android).

Hands free and eyes on the road, WOOLF watches your back. It'll keep you up to date on when and where you need to be extra careful. It'll let you know when you need to start slowing down.

Slow down at the right time and wave goodbye to expensive fines, license suspensions, and other harsh penalties.

You can pre-order Woolf through our crowdfunding campaign.

Support our campaign and set your speed free!


We produced a functional prototype by assembling spare components from other devices. Our engineering Partner has designed a dedicated board starting from our work, with your help we'll be able to make WOOLF a reliable and performing device.


Our testing prototype has granted 15 day of functionality in normal use (2 hours per day) while recharge time is around 3 hours. Thanks to your support we aim to improve this performance further.


WOOLF is a wristband with a 100% "Made in Italy" design, crafted from the finest leather, water resistant, and designed for compatibility with motorcycle gear. It's comfortable, thin, and perfectly wearable, even under the tightest gloves. WOOLF connects via Bluetooth® to your smartphone (iOS & Android). The dedicated app takes advantage of the leading international mapping service ( http://www.scdb.info/en/ ), and uses GPS to notify you of speed measuring devices and speed-controlled zones by sending a signal to the wristband which vibrates with increasing frequency the closer you approach.




Risks and challenges

We have scheduled a time buffer to manage possible roadblocks that may arise during this campaign. We have already prototyped WOOLF. We have solid production partners and we're ready to set your speed free.

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