Wooden Pen Crafting
Wooden Pen Crafting

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Your signature is the most important thing that gives power to authorizing a check, document, or a letter. But what exactly are you writing with? Most people use cheap pens made out of plastic. Most of the time it cost less than a dollar. There is no significance behind that machine made pen. 

Our products are specially handcarved out of natural wood. We also have exotic designs of stabilized wood, which are special dyed with color, Acrylic, and stone. Over 100 different customizations to choose from. If you follow any folk lore or stories about nature, some are stories explaining ancient-wisdom of trees. Some trees that represent power, health, faithfulness, honesty, extraordinary. 

Trees have been apart of this world since it became habitable. They have been there since the beginning of the world. They are thousands of years old. The oldest tree researched is 4,845 years old. To be up to date, there is approximately 60,065 tree species according to BGCI, Botanic Gardens Conservation International. 

So with so many different types of tree species, we want to help find the right type of tree that is unique to the individual. One that represents the individual's personality and characteristics. 

Here are some beautiful pens displayed

(Music Rollerball Pen, Antique Pewter, Bright Lava Purple Acrylic

(Dragon Fountain Pen, Antique Pewter, Black & Grey Stabilized Maple Wood)

(.30 Caliber Bullet Ballpoint Pen, Gold, Cocobolo Natural Wood)

Below is a list of wood that we have

Here are some exotic acrylic designs

Here are some stabilized dyed wood

Here are our most expensive type, stone

Visit our kickstarter page above or www.woodenwriters.com

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