Wooden animal brooches, charms and rings (and portraits)
Wooden animal brooches, charms and rings (and portraits)

This project has already launched.

Wooden animal brooches, charms and rings original + personalized! Take them with you or put them on all your favourite things!


Hello! My name is Karina Rehrbehn and I am an Illustrator, Comic Artist and animal lover from Germany! I love to create new original things with my own hands!

Wooden animal brooches, rings and charms is my 2nd crowd funding project proceeded by the successful campaign 'Meatpopsicle - A Fifthelement Fanbook'.

Why animal brooches/charms/rRings?

I love animals and this campaign is to share and show the uniqueness, and loving qualities of our precious and beloved pets that we adore. We can put these handmade goods on anything and carry them with us. That way, your pet can be by your side all the time, even when they can't physically be there with you.

You can find me here:






The goal of this campaign is to get a original collection of  20+  1inch charm designs made into wooden brooches, charms and rings.

Animals that will follow: black cat, white cat, orange cat, chihuahua, german shepherd, husky, hamster, Dinosaur skeleton head.

The brooches, charms and rings will be produced through Zap!Creatives. I have been using their service for a few years now and the quality is absolutely perfect! I will assemble the charms and packaging myself..

You might have noticed that not all 20 designs are shown here, and that is cause I will have a poll for the remaining five animals, so you can vote for your favorite rare or exotic pets made into a brooch/charm/ring! A few days into this campaign, I will have a post asking for your pets or favourite animals pictures, then I will make a poll. If your pet or favourite animal is chosen you will get one brooch or charm for free.

The brooches will only have a needle on the back and the rings will have a ring in either gold or silver optic on the back. Charms come with a variety of attachements. Here are some pictures to show you the different options. Once the Kickstarter is done, I will ask for which attachement you would like via the survey.

Brooch and Cell Phone Strap

Keychain and Keychain with Bling Bling

Metalball Chain


Brooch, Charm and Ring production: 550€

Findings (Clasps, Keychains, beads, bells.....): 60€

Packaging (Shipping Envelope, Packaging for the Brooches/Charms): 50€

Kickstarter fee: 5% ~ 30€

Credit Card and Banking fees: 3-5% ~ 30€

Shipping: Since this is paid additionally by the pledger, and varies based on the pledger's location, I will not include it here, however here is a general estimate: 4,00€ - 9,50€ with tracking included.

Shipping comes with a tracking number so nothing will get lost!


How and when will I choose the brooches/charm/rings?

After the Kickstarter campaign is over, I will send out a survey so you can choose your charm/ring or brooch design.

When will my pledge arrive?

The packages will be sent out in November from Germany. Depending on your location, it could take from 2 days to 2 weeks (-+1 week).

Does my package have a tracking number?

Yes! All packages are sent out with a tracking number to avoid losing a package, and to be safe!

Do you want to post about this project on you blog/website...?

I am honored and extremly grateful. If you need more pictures please send me a message here or at karina.rehrbehn@web.de

That's it for now. If you still feel the need to know more please feel free to ask!


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