Wonderland Deck
Wonderland Deck

This project has already launched.

 It all started with a sketch...

I had seen a lot of work done of the Mad Hatter, from Disney to Anime, and even the Theatre, the Hatter is an iconic character from an even more iconic story that never seemed to be portrayed the same way twice. As a designer and digital painter, some of my favorite projects are character and creature design and the world of Wonderland gave me a broad scope to work with. I fell in love with my Hatter, and found myself eager to give her companions.

But how do you display so many character designs at once? A card deck! 


  • 310 gsm linen cards for a professional look and feel
  • Custom tuck box with matching design and matte finish
  • 54 cards per deck: 52 standard playing cards and two jokers
  • Full Color printing
  • 15 individual painted designs: 13 per each card in the suit and two unique jokers

 Rewards and Printing: Most of the cost of this project comes from the cards themselves. The more decks I order, the cheaper they are per deck. I want to order around 200 decks to keep the price low but the goal attainable. 

Shipping: Not only do I have to have the items shipped to me for inspection and bundling with other rewards, I also have to ship them out to you guys. 

Fees: Kickstarter and Stripe fees make up about 10% of my total budget.

RTS (Room To Spare): These are funds allocated to any potential problems that may arise. Shipping variation in price, printing problems, and any other odds and ends I may have overlooked are included in this category.


 Most of the artwork is done. As designs go in, I am able to finalize layouts and once one complete set is done, I can start swapping out assets to produce the rest of my suits, which can be done in a sitting since everything else is already made.





 The Creator

Hello there! I'm Hailey Suits, your creator for this project, everything top to bottom. I have a Bachelor of Science in Media Arts and Animation, and I specialize in digital painting, with a hidden love for working in Illustrator and After Effects. I am a cat lady extraordinaire and lover of all things adorkable and delicious. 

Risks and challenges

Most of the risks and challenges will come from the printing and shipping sides of the project. Unforeseen printing or shipping errors could push back the delivery schedule, and I will do my best to respond accordingly by communicating with my backers. Also as we near the holidays, shipping becomes less reliable and sluggish. I have tried to account for that with my delivery schedule.

When it comes to the work, nearly all of the artwork is completed. If the kickstarter funds, all I will have left to do are the Joker cards if those rewards are purchased. If not, I will have a design on stand-by for the Joker cards.

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