Women Transcend Podcast Series: Launch Season 2
Women Transcend Podcast Series: Launch Season 2

This project has already launched.

About this project

Are you concerned with issues relevant to women and girls

Do you like to discuss current events, and how women are impacted? 

Do you believe in equality and social justice

Then you should be listening to Women Transcend!

Women Transcend is a podcast exploring timely issues relevant to women and girls. How are we different? We are taking on issues that other programs aren't, and hopefully starting important conversations at a time when these conversations matter critically.

We've already self-produced one season with 26 amazing weekly episodes - and we had a budget of $0! We're really proud of how far we have come, and we invite you to check out our catalog here. We have covered lots of provocative issues like:

  • the Alt Right and women
  • human trafficking
  • body image and loving yourself
  • raising boys in a patriarchy
  • women living in conflict zones
  • what it's like to be a refugee
  • demystifying Islam
  • postpartum depression

Who produces Women Transcend?  The host and producer of Women Transcend is Jennifer Todd. Jennifer has a Doctor of Public Health and has worked for years on improving the health and wellness of girls and women. Our co-host and sound engineer is John Philbeck, Jennifer's amazing and talented husband who went to art school to study sound design. THAT is paying off big now!

Why we need your help now.  We finished Season 1 and are hoping to begin production of Season 2 soon. We didn't have any sponsorship for Season 1, and we need some equipment in order for us to make Season 2 as powerful and provocative as we would like it to be. Specifically we need a new microphone boom arm, a new upgraded microphone, sound proofing panels, and a portable Zoom H5 so we can cover remote events outside of our studio.

If our campaign is successful, here is what we hope to deliver for Season 2:

  • cyber-bullying and online harassment
  • slactivisim: are you really making a difference?
  • the guilt of motherhood
  • education about sexuality and undesirable sources
  • women in graphic novels: is Wonder Woman wonderful?
  • executive women: getting cut by the glass ceiling
  • the woman political candidate: double standards

Support Women Transcend today! Make a pledge today, and help us deliver a great Season 2 of our podcast series! You can also get limited edition gifts like our Women Transcend mug, our limited edition "Future is Female" print from our web page logo, our limited edition Goddess Group luxury products brought to you by human trafficking survivors featured in Season 1, or appear as a guest on a Women Transcend episode!

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