Women of the Bible Portraits
Women of the Bible Portraits

“Women of the Bible” will result in a collection of photoportraits of the Bible’s most important women. I will use models, wardrobe, and props in my studio photographs and digitally composite the final images to realize my vision of these larger-than-life subjects, among them Delilah, Salome, and Bathsheba, depicting the wicked and the fallen, and Mary, Martha, and Esther among the faithful and those redeemed by their fortitude and faith.

My photographs will portray these powerful women at a dramatic "decisive moment" in their story, at a time of irreversible action, or a moment of psychological transition. Our collective memory, our heritage, is animated by the stories of such people. These women stand out because their lives and their passions affected the course of history and informed our way of life and how we see ourselves today.

As a professional photographer for forty years, I have portrayed people on location and in the studio. I have also mastered and taught digital photography and post-production, and now I am bringing together all these abilities on one project. “Women of the Bible” will incorporate sets, makeup, hair-styling, props, and wardrobe to complete the final dramatic life-size images.

Famous artists, from Titian, Rubens, and Rembrandt to Beardsley, Klimt, and Picasso,  painted these compelling subjects. They painted in their own styles and often in the fashions of their day. While there are many great paintings of these women, my project has additional value because there are few outstanding photographs. Using the latest digital camera and studio lighting technology, my photography is contemporary, yet it will have a dramatic look reminiscent of chiaroscuro.

The finished photographs will be presented in a prominent Florida gallery for public viewing. The images will be presented as limited edition large-format prints on canvas at least 4'x6' and up to 8'x10'. Smaller prints will be available, and the images will be available for licensing. Funding partners will receive prints, up to the largest, copies of the monograph of the collection, portfolios of signed prints, or unlimited edition prints, depending on their financial participation in the project.


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