Women Clinics
Women Clinics

This project has already launched.

Five small rural communities that operate solely on the kindness of others are pitching their ideas such as handmade sanitary towels for girls, organic coffee farming, promoting maternal health and, are changing their communities. This amazing team of 500 women donate 10 hours a week each,  to help other women thrive. See what each of the #WomenClinics does.

WomenClinic #1 is helping girls stay in school. Through their small tailoring businesses, these women are giving sanitary towels to 1000 school going girls so that they can stay in school.
WomenClinic #2 brings together a group of 100 women with passion for women  health. They want your backing to eradicate Female Genital Mutilation. 
WomenClinic #3 is innovating Alternative Livelihood Sources for women. We giving a goat to  thirty women who have showed extra ordinary dedication to serve their communities.
WomenClinic #4 is training women a sustainable agriculture system called Permaculture.
WomenClinic #5  is implementing Alternative Rites of Passage and empowering girls and women through dance, drama music and arts.
#WomenClinics campaign is only few minutes old on Indiegogo. This would be a perfect time to help us kick-start our campaign. Please
back our campaign HERE.

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