WOLFE WATCHES -  15 Years in the making...
WOLFE WATCHES - 15 Years in the making...

WOLFE WATCHES - Be Rare, Go Dress-Rugged

WOLFE WATCHES has been 15 years in the making! Now with your help we will be impacting the watch community and delivering exceptional watches for the money.

Our goal is to give to you value on top of value. The initial watch we are offering is an exceptional opportunity for the watch connoisseur and enthusiast alike! However, we are not stopping there. We are on schedule to make WOLFE WATCHES a well sought after brand; making this our very first solid stainless steel production run, a profitable investment for the collector as well. Each watch will have the production number of the particular watch/s you acquire on the side of the case. This way you will know the production number of your piece, giving you and the collector alike a more valuable watch.  The first watch off the production line will be inscribed 001.01 on the side of the case.  The next watch will have 002.01.  If this same model is produced again in the future the numbers will be ***.02.

We have put a lot of thought into this model as we plan on using it as a launching pad for future models and to set the tone for future expansion. We refer to our styling as "dress-rugged" which employs details of a superior refined watch packed into a rugged case and quality set that is up for the adventures of life.

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Here is just a small list of some of the features:

  • Beveled Case With Double Security Crown Protection by CNC
  • Superluminova: Hour, Minute, & 24 Hour Markers
  • Superluminova: Hour, Minute, & Second Hands
  • 316 Stainless Steel Layered Subdials
  • Crystal: K1 With AR Coating
  • Diamond Cut Detail Specialty Engraving
  • 29 Jewels
  • Exceptional A+ grade Movement by Sea Gull
  • 10 ATM
  • Exhibition Case Back
  • Clean Hidden Security Pushers
  • T-Crown
  • Genuine Leather Strap
  • Open Double Bridge Balance Wheel
  • 316 Engraved Bezel With Oil Inlay
  • Case Approximately 42mm Wide and 13mm Thick
  • Engraved Buckle
  • Date 3 o’clock
  • Day 9 o’clock Plus many more features and quality sets

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We Are Heavily Invested - You Reap The Benefits

We have been in the business since 1999 and have invested 2 years in getting WOLFE WATCHES trademarked.  After watching many companies do things right and wrong we have observed a real need in this segment.  The ability to bring well thought out and conceived designs to the market, at a price point that makes sense, was our en-devour and we are very excited with the results.

The Movement

After years of experience and research there was one movement that made sense.  This is the SeaGull 2502.  There was an ETA movement and a higher-end Miyota movement that were very carefully considered; however, for this watch the choice was clear.  We choose the SeaGull movement for several reasons.  The 2502 combines the best of several different design concepts.  It has the quieter and more luxury feel of the very high end Swiss Movements, while at the same time giving us the ability to produce a watch of quality that is below the $700 price point.  Upon testing, these movements perform like Rock Stars with incredible accuracy and reliability.  You add all of this up with the breath taking beauty of each piece and the decision was easy. 

Our Thanks!

First, we want to say thanks to everyone who dedicated time, money, and resources to get to this point in time as it is greatly appreciated.  Next, we want to thank absolutely every person that is helping to bring this dream to life through funding, social media, or word of mouth.  We look forward to hearing from you. 

Risks and challenges

The risk is building a product across multiple platforms and locations. This is offset by quality control and relationship protocols that we have established. The delivery of our product may take a touch longer than others, but we will be going through additional steps to ensure success on multiple levels.


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