Wittle Wovers Enamel Pins Collection
Wittle Wovers Enamel Pins Collection

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We're a husband and wife dynamic duo (Joanne (Jojo) and Ernie), also known as Artistic Flavorz. Jojo is a fashion/accessories designer and Ernie is a graphic/web designer. We love all things cute, nerdy, and geeky! We created Artistic Flavorz to share our love of all things awesome! We create our own products and many of our goodies are handmade! We know all to well how difficult it is to get your artwork on different products and accessories by not knowing how to get started, who to trust, and most of all not having enough funds to back the production costs. In order to try and help others, especially artists who we personally are fans of and believe in, we collaborate with them to bring their artwork to LIFE! We've manufactured bags, wallets, cosmetic bags, enamel pins, etc. If you can think it - we can do it! We fully fund production costs with our own personal funds! We take care of all development (from digitizing artwork, to coloring them and making sure we have correct pantone colors to match back to so production comes out exactly how we were all envisioning it, to providing ideas on what new developments we can collaborate on, to pushing forward production, and even hand packaging the goods.) We do it all - while both working full time jobs and taking care of our 4 year old Toddlerzilla! We make sure to take care of all of our artists as they get commissions on all products we make that has their artwork on it. Not only will you be helping us achieve our goals and dreams - but you will also be supporting artists who pour their hearts and souls into their creations! We believe in creating a better world full of creativity, passion, fun, and genuine kindness!

 After doodling to keep my brain occupied one night, the Stitch was created on accident. Just a quick rough sketch in black and white with a hint of red on the heart he held. I posted him on Instagram, closed my IPad & my eyes. Woke up in the morning to a flood of comments and “likes” on the photo. After a dear friend and talented successful artist told me to keep making more, I decided to create 3 more that day. When I was done, I decided to call them my “Little Lovers” line. When sharing the new line with my boyfriend, he said to call them “Wittle Wovers”. I immediately changed all of my hashtags and the name stuck! My mom was scrolling through my Instagram to see what I’ve been up to and she left a comment explaining that my grandparents used to call each other “Wittle Wover”! I knew then it was meant to be! My line began as Valentine’s was approaching so I drew my Wittles with a heart somehow incorporated with the theme. I have so much fun with my new line because it’s fulfilling to draw fan art in my own cutesy style and make everyone fall in love.

We've decided to do a Kickstarter to help us with production costs so we can bring you a whole collection of 13 pins instead of breaking it down into a couple of pieces at a time. With your help you can bring Critterosity's amazing artwork to Pin Life! We have helped to envision these pins with all their glitter, glow in the dark, different metals glory (depending on what looked best for each design). These will all be hard enamel pins with metal butterfly clasps. They will be personally packaged on custom backing cards and sealed in clear plastic sleeves. They will ship in bubble mailers or boxes (depending on what is needed) and all come with FREE EXTRAS like stickers and/or buttons (which we make ourselves)!

  • Chip, unlocked at $200 (UNLOCKED)
  • Carl, unlocked at $400 (UNLOCKED)
  • Stitch, unlocked at $600 (UNLOCKED)
  • Ewok, unlocked at $800 (UNLOCKED)
  • Cheshire Cat, unlocked at $1000 (UNLOCKED)
  • Black Panther, unlocked at $1200 (UNLOCKED)
  • Magic Broom, unlocked at $1400 (UNLOCKED)
  • Deadpool, unlocked at $1600 (UNLOCKED)
  • Alebrije, unlocked at $1800 (UNLOCKED)
  • Baby Pegasus, unlocked at $2000 (LOCKED)
  • Ellie, unlocked at $2200 (LOCKED)
  • Jack, unlocked at $2400 (LOCKED)
  • All Pins are Hard Enamel. 
  • Sizing depending on design. Please see above design for size specs. 
  • Metal finish: Depending on pin style (gunmetal, black metal, and iridescent metal)
  • 2 Back Posts
  • Metal Butterfly Clasps
  • Artistic Flavorz / Critterosity embossed on the back of the pins. 
  • All Stickers & Buttons will be designs from this Wittle Wovers Collection. We personally make the stickers and buttons in house. 

Production Breakdown:  

  • Mid May: Kickstarter begins  
  • Mid June: Kickstarter ends
  • After the funding period has ended, you will receive a survey from us where you will fill out which pins, stickers, and buttons you would like according to your reward selection. 
  • Late June: Production begins
  • Late July: Rewards are shipped out and tracking numbers are sent. 

 Thank you for taking the time to read this! We look forward to being able to make these pins come to life! If you want to see them made too, please be sure to share this Kickstarter with everyone you know who may like it! Please message me if you have any questions or concerns.

Artistic Flavorz


Risks and challenges

We have worked with this production company before to produce our enamel pins and always had excellent quality and service.

As with all product development projects, shipping may be delayed due to manufacturing or weather. We've allowed for an extra month in case it is needed to ensure the best quality products. We are very optimistic that production for these items will arrive on time and we'll be able to ship out the rewards as expected. Thank you and we appreciate your patience!

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