Witherspoon Publications - A Small Press for Spectacular Books
Witherspoon Publications - A Small Press for Spectacular Books

Witherspoon Publications

Hello! My name is Cindy Witherspoon and I am looking to start a small press for spectacular books! 

I started publishing my stories in 2009 and went into self-publishing in 2014. Over the past year, I have met many great authors who were fed up with the rejection letters because their books didn't meet the status quo. Yet, they were overwhelmed by the publishing process such as formatting, creating a stunning cover, and the biggest boogie monster of all: marketing.

Witherspoon Publications will take away the guess work of publishing for these authors. The plan is to sign up fifteen authors under the Witherspoon umbrella through 2016. The publishing house will be responsible for creating and distributing the books through Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, Itunes, and other e-book retailers.

Despite the majority of the work being online, I am looking for investors who believe in independent art.

Here's an example of the start-up budget:

- Paperback orders: $150.00 - these will be distributed to a local bookstore to increase the off-line presence of Witherspoon Publications.

-Marketing Materials: $200.00 - postcards to distribute, banners for author signings...even business cards.

-Online Marketing: $400.00 - to get noticed in the sea of indie publishers out there, we need an online presence outside of Amazon.

Total Startup: $750

Proof of Success

Thanks to the advances in technology, e-books made up for 30% of all book sales in 2014. %65 of those sales were reported by Amazon.com. By focusing on Kindle editions, the publicity created through Amazon.com will help increase the sales of the titles published by Witherspoon Publications.

What's more is that Witherspoon Publications will start out with one bestseller under it's belt. The Sibyl is currently listed at #6 Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Teen & Young Adult > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Myths & Legends > Greek & Roman

It reached as high as #2 just last week. With the marketing plan I hope to achieve, I plan on every book published under Witherspoon Publications to hit the bestseller category in their genre.

The Reward for Investors

Anyone who contributes to the start-up fund of Witherspoon Publications will receive the entire e-book collection of my bestselling The Oracle Series. You can find details here:

The Oracle Series

Those who invest $100 or more will receive e-book copies of every book published under Witherspoon Publications for FREE before they hit the shelves. 

So don't wait...invest in quality independent reading today!

Thank you for your time and consideration into this project! 


Cindy D. Witherspoon


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