Witchkin: A Hide-n-Sneak PC Horror Game
Witchkin: A Hide-n-Sneak PC Horror Game

This project has already launched.

Evil toys are stalking you in an old black-and-white film...  

Coven Games' Witchkin is a first-person, single-player, PC horror game where you play as a child trapped in a house filled with terrifying toys in the 1920s. You must progress up the floors of the house from the basement to the attic; on each floor, you are stalked by a different toy. Each toy has unique abilities and mechanics requiring you to change your strategy for each level. The level maps are procedural so every time you play the layout is different.

  • Hide and Sneak - Witchkin is all about hiding and avoidance. You must be aware of your surroundings, of light and darkness, and even the volume of your breathing to survive! 
  • Different Toys, Different Terror - Each toy has unique abilities which require the player to change strategies for every level. 
  • Sepia Tone Horror - Witchkin feels like you are playing in an old, grainy black-and-white horror film. 
  • Procedural levels - Hiding spots and dangers are never the same.
  • Single Player, PC compatible 
  • Keyboard or controller gameplay 
  • Currently in Greenlight process for Steam distribution 
  • Oculus Rift Support - Experience Witchkin in the full immersion of VR through Oculus Rift!

The game’s story is rooted in the legend of the Candy Lady, Clara Crane, a Texas woman who murdered her husband with poisoned caramels and was allegedly responsible for the disappearance of several children around the turn of the century. Clara lives in her house out beyond the river, but she is not alone.

Seven children have disappeared from a farming community in east Harris County; the others keep secrets. They do not speak of the candy they find on their window sills when they wake in the morning. They do not speak of the notes they find with the candy, the notes inviting them to come play at the house of the Candy Lady.  

Out beyond the river, upon dead fields stands the ‘house of frogs.' Inside, Miss Crane will give you her forever candy and introduce you to your new family--the Witchkin.

The objective of the game is to find your missing sister in the Candy Lady's house. You must stay alive as you travel up each floor of the home. You'll uncover pieces of the game's storyline on each level, and when you finally reach the attic, you'll come face to face with the source of all the horror.  

There is a unique, terrifying toy guarding each level. They use different tactics to capture you and make you a forever friend; you must hide and sneak around the house in an attempt to evade them.  

There are several features you must utilize to make it through the house undetected, like holding your breath to stay silent when the toy is near, or placing a music box down to distract them. There are also hindrances that you must be wary of like jacks on the floor that will injure you if stepped on, and the limited battery life of your flashlight.


The base play mechanics of Witchkin are primarily stealth-related. Sneaking, hiding, staying quiet, and being aware of the toys and your surroundings are skills required throughout the game. However, since each toy has its own unique stalking and capturing abilities, the gameplay changes for each enemy.  

One toy might be very good at searching and listening, requiring the player to hide and hold their breath, avoiding gasping for air when the toy is close. Another toy requires the player to climb up on furniture to avoid being dragged to the ground. Another toy attempts to tangle the player up, requiring the player to dodge to avoid being ensnared.  


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