Witch please! Spell on you too..
Witch please! Spell on you too..


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"Witch Please" is to be the first massive multiplayer racer. This means that you race your friends' pack, but you can also interact with other racers on the track. You would see the players who are not competing with you in different colors, but this should not stop you from casting spells, push them and do unholy tricks. Or they will do it to you. Why? For the fun of seeing someone being kidnapped by the falcon, eaten by the pumpkin head, or just being black-cat-ed.

The winning points in this race are distributed only among the racing pack that started, meaning that if you start a racing pack with 4 friends (or foes), the winner is the one who crosses the finish line first. 

Of course, your friends who you are racing with, will also not miss the chance to do all that was just described, so you will need true "witchy" skills to win among the hundreds, stealing your bonuses and spells, the precious victory points that will upgrade your broom, your magic and skills.

Game Features Summary:

20+ Spells: "Falcon Lift": when cast, a falcon comes from behind and lifts the witch causing her to stop; "Black Cat": a black cat sits on the broomstick and slows down the broom's speed; "Ghost Spot": makes the broom stick uncontrollable, etc.

60+ Boosters: "Speed": increases your speed with 50% for 5 seconds; "Blind Potion": blinds the bewitched witch (which witch is which :) for 3 seconds; "Invincible": you become immortal for 10 seconds and no spells can be cast on you. "Teleporting pumpkin": a huge carved pumpkin randomly eats you up and throws you forward or backward (limited), or changes the direction of your broomstick for 15 seconds. More to come...

Realistic city maps: we have started with Sofia, but there is no stopping the broom, I mean the brush of our artists. So we will eventually add all the world cities that we can fly to. No less than 10 :)

Customizable witch outfit and broom sticks: Ladies never dress the same for a race and our witches are no different. They require a vast wardrobe.

Multi-multiplayer: A race between racing groups (or packs) will give more points to the winning group.

 Once upon a time, there were witches - and they still remain!

Yes, they do exist! They are all around us!

You do not see witches, because no one is looking for them anymore. But they are here, playing with everyday magic. They are alluring, merciless, dishonorable, extraordinary and playful, filled with pagan happiness, desire to live and countless recipes and spells for love and musts. Their plans break the world into pieces. We know nothing about witches, but they know everything for each other and rivalries among them are relentless. At nightfall, when we head home tired after our day’s work, we rarely look up. Among chimneys, tree leafs, there, hidden from our eyes, broomsticks fly and spells are cast. Gathered from around the world for an epic race, witches engage in battle of honor! Who will win is about to be revealed now!

Sofia’s downtown is the first place where witches from all over the world will cast their dark spells. Seeking power, they will break rules and mercilessly pursue victory.

The race begins in the mystical city of Sofia. Brooms will speed among old churches, museums, theaters, parks, and thousands of coffee shops with free WIFI, and the new Saint Sofia monument. Flying broomsticks will enable our contestants to escape Sofia’s legendary traffic jam, while offering magnificent street views.


Here are some of the beautiful views from downtown Sofia, which you will see while you race:


Right after she is ordained by Voland (the evil lord) into witchcraft, Rita and her beloved Master, start peaceful and worthy life in The Infinity. However, everything has its own limits, especially when we talk about ladies. She missed the night flights over buildings and trees. She needs a dose of adrenalin, but she must hide from people, that is why she became part of the secret community of the anonymous witches. She rushed into crazy scramble to proof herself that she is the fastest and most furious of all. Last but not least of her distinctive qualities is that she speaks in details of the art of magic.

We all know the story of Cinderella. Yes, the good did triumphed at that fairytale. After the ugly step sister falls into a deep depression and changes several hobbies and, none of them seem to satisfy her.That is why Griselda takes a brave decision to become the best in black magic. So Griselda became a witch and she loves being independent and strong. Cinderella is not here anymore to swagger with her inhuman beauty. Griselda's dominant mother cannot demand from her to be married for a prince charming anymore.That is why nothing can stop her from doing what she wants. Griselda controls not only her life, but also all of the forces that she possesses.


Vianne is the ruler of chocolate… or she was, until the ugly step sister stole her recipe book with the secrets of chocolate and other magic spells. Now she is merely powerless. The delivery of Belgian chocolate has been discontinued. The chocolate refuses to be melted and tempered. The chocolate spreading spatulas are falling from her helpless hands. Now she is on the edge of losing her career, so Vianne is in pursue of her abductor on a global scale, looking for a payoff. That is how she became a participant in the race of her life. Vianne must win to regain her lost skills.

More pictures and witches coming soon...

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