WiSoccero: The Soccer Player Robot
WiSoccero: The Soccer Player Robot

This project has already launched.

We truly love Robotics! Although it's one of the most enjoyable and exciting fields, it is also really challenging. The challenge comes from the need to understand different areas of science like electronics, computer and mechanics. Playing games is really fun too, so we thought it would be a great idea to have the best of both worlds.

WiSoccero is designed to take advantage of the exciting art of robotics by removing all of the struggles involved and adding a little more fun. It helps you enter the world of robots with as little difficulty as possible.

You can start by just playing with your friends and travel to incredible areas and learning about robots. You can even create your own amazing robotic projects.

WiSoccero is agile and versatile. Unlike traditional RC Cars, it can move in any direction without any hesitation. It employs a special wheel arrangement and omnidirectional wheels which gives it a lot more freedom in maneuvering.

This soccer player robot is capable of kicking and passing the ball. It utilizes an electromechanical part (solenoid) and the necessary electrical drivers. This system is capable of kicking the ball with different levels of force that can be controlled effortlessly.

WiSoccero needs to be powered by 3 Li-ion 18650 cylindrical rechargeable batteries (at least 2200 mAh in capacity) that will last for about 2 hours under normal conditions.

WiSoccero is equipped with a WiFi module (WiLoader). This wireless module lets you control and even reprogram your robot over WiFi. We've written a small computer program in order to control the robot through WiFi. Joystick commands will be interpreted and then sent by this software. We've tested many types of joysticks and the best ones have been chosen. 

For easier use and having to avoid wired connections, we've decided to provide you with a customized WiFi joystick kit that includes a Xbox 360 wireless controller shell. Assembling the joystick DIY kit will be an interesting experience. This way you will only need a joystick and 2 standard AA batteries; you will no longer need a computer. 



A soccer player needs to catch and control the ball. So to accomplish this task, we've looked for different mechanisms. After some brainstorming and actual testing we've found the best and most straightforward way in using magnetic force.

We've attached a small and strong neodymium magnet to WiSoccero's front side. As for the ball, any kind of light and magnetic ball can be used. We've chosen Styrofoam Balls which are light, easy to draw on, and most importantly magnetizable by just sticking several steel flat head pins inside.

We'll include a couple of balls and several steel flat head pins in WiSoccero's pack. You can simply stick these pins in the balls. Afterwards, color it in anyway you want and make it your own. This way you'll have a customized light magnetic ball. Have fun designing the DIY Styrofoam Ball! 



WiSoccero is based on ATmega2560 core and it has all standard Arduino Mega Headers. It is equipped with WiLoader for WiFi programming and communication. 

It also comes with a lot of great components for hobbyist and developers like three DC motor drivers, Gyroscope (for orientation setting), DIP switch, buzzer, two LED Strings, two configurable buttons, power and protection circuit, two rocker switches for turning circuit and motors on/off separately, isolated voltage booster circuit and power transistors for kicker mechanism.

WiSoccero uses some IO pins by default for driving motors and performing other necessary tasks for playing soccer. However, we designed the entire circuit in a way that can be used as a development board for other projects too. Each component can be disconnected from the core by removing corresponding SMD jumpers. Also there are male headers on each module IOs that allows developers to use them in any way they need.

WiSoccero is truly developer friendly. Thanks to its Arduino compatible headers and component placement, it's possible to use any Arduino Mega shield such as distance sensor shield for obstacle avoidance, camera shields for autonomous operations and much more. Also you can use all these amazing shields while playing soccer. It's truly fun !

Introducing WiLoader, The new generation of programmers

Have you ever thought of programming wirelessly ? WiLoader is the answer. But HOW ??? WiLoader easily connects to your WiFi network, then you can program your AVR, Arduino boards and Robots. It doesn't need any kind of cable for computer connection, especially those huge old USB ones. Because it employs WiFi, even your smartphone can be used to configure, communicate, control and monitor your targets via a WiFi-UART bridge.


Embedded inside Arduino !

  WiLoader is easy to set up, use and control. Since Arduino is an open source software and also has a lot of cool features and rich libraries, we will release a software patch for Arduino IDE to support and handle all WiLoader capabilities. WiLoader can be chosen like any other programmers inside the Tools menu. It is compatible with all operating systems and it performs flawlessly.

 WiLoader has a WiFi-UART bridge called WiCOM. You can send and receive serial data over WiFi by connecting WiLoader dedicated serial pins to AVR UART pins(RX, TX). Just like other COM ports that Arduino serial monitor uses for communicating and debugging MCUs.


  Nowadays smartphones have become an important and fun part of our lives. Therefor we thought why not connect WiLoader to them as well ?! With this connection not only you can set up WiLoader but also you are able to chat with your device via its app. WiLoader app is developed for both iOS and Android phones. You can use WiLoader app’s setting tab to configure its parameters such as scanning and connecting to desired WiFi network , choosing URAT port baud rate, naming your programmer and …

 We will release mobile apps source codes, In order to make it simpler for you to create custom apps . So enjoy this smartphone connection and create anything you want. It is going to be an amazing journey.


Arduino’s perfect match !!

 WiLoader is designed to fit on Arduino boards perfectly, so there is no need for any kind of cables or jumpers to connect WiLoader to the ICSP programming pins. Putting them together is really easy and straightforward, you just have to align the ICSP header with its counter parts on WiLoader. WiLoader is capable of a lot more than only programming Arduino. You can use its WiFi-UART bridge for creating startling projects, in order to use all of its capabilities WiLoader connects to Rx/Tx pins (UART pins) on Arduino too. You don't need wires or jumpers to couple its UART pin; when you put WiLoader on ICSP headers its serial pins will fit Arduino Rx/Tx pins without needing any further attention or care. Furthermore, since you might want to use shields with Arduino, WiLoader comes with extension headers for them too. You can enjoy working with any shield compatible with your board without any hassle. So in short, WiLoader is designed in a way that you can enjoy Arduino and its shields even more.


WiFi AP and Client !

  WiLoader uses WiFi for connection to computers, smartphone and other devices. It can connect to any existing network with just a few simple steps. So, WiLoader doesn't stop you from using the internet or anything connected to your network. Also, even if you don't have a WiFi network or for some reason you need another network for WiLoader, it is capable of creating one for you. You can rename its network and set its password. No matter what the situation is, WiLoader is ready to go.

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